in a pickle.

I had a conversation with some creative types the other day, and we were discussing the idea that there are really very few original ideas out there.  I am the very first to admit that none of the ideas I come up with are original.  Somewhere, whether in a magazine, on pinterest, or watching HGTV, I have seen something that planted the seed of the idea in my head.  Hopefully I add a splash of “quandification” (another word for you, Victoria!) to what I do, but I don’t claim sole ownership of any of my ideas.

That is in large part why I’m comfortable with sharing everything I do here for the world to see.  I didn’t invent any of it.  Someone else somewhere has already done it.  I try to always give credit where credit is due when I can point at something and say ‘that is what inspired me’, and such is the case with the dirty farmhouse table that I picked up the other day.  I had seen a photo of a gorgeous farmhouse table with a green base in the 2015 Best of Flea Market Style magazine.  It was just a little photo (p. 4 if you are looking for it), and I couldn’t find credits for it anywhere.  I still don’t know whose photo it is (if anyone knows, please tell me).  However, I was able to find the photo itself online, and here is it.

green table inspiration

And here is my interpretation.

In a Pickle farmhouse table

I knew I wanted milk paint for this makeover, and I knew I wanted a vibrant kelly green.  Neither of Miss Mustard’s greens were going to cut it.  So, I ordered “In a Pickle” green from Sweet Pickins online and patiently (not) waited for it to arrive.  Fortunately, it was shipped to me lickety split so I didn’t have to wait long.

green desk and books

This is such a rich, vibrant green.  You’ll remember that the table base was already painted a grey blue color, so spots of that color do peek through on the edges.  I think it works.  The Sweet Pickins milk paint mixed up very nicely.  You can see that I didn’t really get any chipping with it, which kind of surprised me since I was painting over existing paint.  I did sand first.  This was the second time I used the Sweet Pickins paint.  I also have used her Sweetie Jane, which is the perfect shade of aqua/blue-green.  I finished the table with Miss Mustard’s furniture wax.

Here is a reminder of where this table started out.  Remember how dreadfully stained and dirty the top was?

farmhouse table collage

Gross!  After I literally hosed it down in the yard and then scrubbed it from top to bottom, Ken came over with his belt sander and we tried to knock back the worst of the stains.  I think we were pretty successful.

green desk top

I added some Dark Walnut gel stain and called it good.  It’s not perfect.  I wanted it to look beat up and rustic, but in a good way.

I filled my French Market wooden tote with Annabelle hydrangeas arranged in my now clean and sparkling Ball jars.

Annabelle hydrangeas

I’ve actually got this flower arrangement on my own dining room table at the moment, but I knew it would be perfect for staging this table.

This is one of those versatile pieces that could be used in several different ways.  It would make a fantastic desk.  It’s larger than the table I’m currently using as a desk, too large for my space or I’d be tempted to keep it.  It would be a great size for crafting.

Green farmhouse style desk

green desk with chippy chair

This would also be an amazing piece for a covered porch.  I can picture a candlelit dinner for two, listening to the crickets chirp, a glass of wine.

Or, another great idea, add some large casters to the legs and use this as a move-able kitchen island.

So many possibilities for this table.  What would you do with it?

21 thoughts on “in a pickle.

  1. I, for one, love the “quandification” of this little gem. Absolutely love the color – perfect choice. Inspiration for design is all around us that’s for sure. Acknowledging said inspiration is also the right the to do when possible. Now that I have truly dipped my toe in the painting pool – I am going back to reread all your posts again – hints and tips you gave will make more sense to me now. (I think it’s kinda like cooking – unless you have used the recipe when someone says “I tweaked it like this and got better results”. I think it will resonate more with a frame of reference).


  2. Love this table and you are so right there are so many things that you can do with it. I especially love your french market tote that is adorable. Did you make that or did you buy it. Would love one. Happy new week.


  3. The table turned out great and I am glad my purse did not reck the top.
    Love my stools and they look great together.


  4. Knocked it out of the park on this one! And so glad you’re trying Sweet Pickins’ milk paint — Sausha has MAD Diy , gardening and painting skills — I seriously think there are 10 of that girl! I love the idea of using your table for a kitchen island!


  5. Great pop of color and so versatile! I’m considering trying their new color ‘patina’. I was just talking with my grandma yesterday (she’s 98!) about where my ideas come from for painting furniture. I said ‘ i’m not as creative as you think Nan, just really good at reproductions !!’


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