vintage greens.

In addition to all of the fab stuff I found at the Lynnhurst sales on Saturday, I also found time to check out a few sales during my lunch hour last week.

I wasn’t specifically trying to find things that were green, but somehow I ended up with several items in that perfectly vintage shade of green.

First of all was this lovely little box.  I was drawn to the original painted finish.

This is the kind of chippy, distressed patina that I am trying to replicate every time I use milk paint.  I want to study the wear patterns on this box and make my next piece of furniture look just like this.  But really, although you can do amazing things with milk paint, it’s hard to beat the real deal.

I also love the fact that the box looks very homemade.  Even the handle looks like it was just cobbled together from some bent wire and bits of scrap sheet metal.

I’m not sure what I’m going to store in this box, but clearly it needs to be something special.  But for now it even looks fab with some green books.

This amazing little green birdhouse came from the same sale.

When I got it home I immediately replaced the scrapbook paper that was lining the bottom with some pages from an old German book that I purchased at Carver Junk Co.

It also has an amazing patina.  Wouldn’t it be adorable with a little plant inside?  Or filled with vintage books.

I also found a couple of old green toolboxes.

I actually came home with 4 old toolboxes, 3 of them from one sale.  The other two aren’t green though, so they didn’t make the cut for this blog post.  Although sometimes the original color and patina should be left alone, oftentimes I paint them like this …

You can see what I’ve done with other toolboxes in the past here, herehere and here.

I’m still working on finding the perfect spot in my house for a touch of green, but I’m determined to find it.

In the meantime, I’m just having fun playing around with my vintage greens.

23 thoughts on “vintage greens.

  1. Oooh, I’m kinda green with envy right now. That green box deserves some kind of altar and spotlight. I love old handmade boxes and the addition of that perfect shade of green makes it AH-mazing!! I am enjoying the old alphabet blocks signage. Great haul!


    1. I love that idea Laura! A little altar for the box 😉 It was tucked away behind some other stuff at the garage sale and I just caught it out of the corner of my eye. Then when I picked it up, it wasn’t marked. Since everything else at this particular sale was well marked, I knew it was an oversight. I tried to not seem too eager when I asked how much. But I definitely would have had a hard time putting that box back on the shelf if the price was too high. Luckily, it was priced quite fairly, not a crazy cheap bargain, but still cheaper than a shop price.


  2. Be still my heart! The color green brings out the earthy side of our characters. I love the bird cage but feel you really scored on the toolboxes! Thay are gorgeous just like they are. Great finds!


  3. Although I don’t have very many green things in my house, my favorite color is green! There are so many great shades of green. My father, who I adored, had green eyes. I loved his eyes. Just maybe that is where my love for the color green came from. Great finds!


  4. Seriously what are you the “Pied Piper
    of all things Vintage”? Cannot believe all those green boxes – so perfect for your home. Love the birdcage too and in the perfect green. I would say that is your favorite color except for maybe Laurentien shade from Fusion.


  5. Love the green. My favorite color, but I think more because of the Irish connection maybe? The green box is really cool and the tool boxes are a great find. Good shopping, as always!


  6. The tool boxes are wonderful. but it was the bird cage that made me catch my breath. It is so charming. I liked the green books inside. Just adorable!


  7. wow……… somehow I missed this post back in September. Great finds. Love love Green and all things boxes. Looks like all you had to do is be a super shopper and stage your finds. Great job.


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