kiss me I’m Irish.

Do you remember back in the day when we had those buttons that said “Kiss me, I’m Irish”?

I always wore one of those on St. Patrick’s Day even though I’m not a bit Irish, although many of my friends are.  Have you ever heard that there are more people of Irish ancestry in the U.S. than there are in Ireland itself?  Hey, I’m not making this up, check out this article from the Washington Post if you think that sounds crazy.

Well, regardless of whether or not I’m Irish, I do love the color green.  So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day I thought I’d share some of my favorite creations that are wearin’ the green.

One of my all-time favorite shades of green is Sweet Pickins In a Pickle.  I’ve used it on a few things, but the first was this old farmhouse table.

This shade isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s a rich, saturated green.  After falling in love with it on that desk, I also used it on a vintage dresser.

I think what I loved most about that dresser was how beautifully the paint crackled.  It was a gorgeous finish.

I used the color again on this sweet little table.

And I just used up the last bit of a packet of In a Pickle on an adorable kid size chair.

Another shade of green that makes a big impact is Fusion’s Park Bench which looked amazing on this mid-century piece.

That piece was such a hit that I used it again on another fab mid-century piece.

And then I completed the Park Bench trilogy with my latest mid-century piece earlier this week.

You might not guess it lately from reading my blog, but Fusion has some other lovely shades of green too including Little Speckled Frog, the subtle pale shade of green on the body of this next dresser (the drawer fronts are painted in Fusion’s Limestone).

This next piece is painted in Fusion’s Lily Pond.  This color was available for a limited time only so I’m not sure how hard it might be to get your hands on it, but some retailers might still have some of it around.

Miss Mustard Seed milk paint has a darker green called Boxwood and a lighter green called Luckett’s Green and I used both of them on this little table.  The undercoat is Boxwood, and the upper coat is Luckett’s.

Miss Mustard Seed also has a lovely shade of mint green called Layla’s Mint.  Although I didn’t use an official packet of that color on this vanity, I did use Miss Mustard Seed’s recipe for it which combines several of her other colors.

 The Real Milk Paint Co makes a gorgeous, deep rich green called Peacock that I once used on an antique Eastlake style dresser.

Homestead House also makes a similar shade of green in their milk paint line called BayberryBayberry leans a bit more towards the yellow end, while Peacock is a bit more blue.

Bayberry is the perfect shade of green for painting chalkboards too.

So how about you?  Do you have a favorite shade of green paint?  Maybe in a brand that I haven’t mentioned.  If so, please be sure to share in a comment!

25 thoughts on “kiss me I’m Irish.

  1. It’s a toss up whether “in a pickle” or “bayberry” is my favorite. Maybe I can have two favorites 🙂 Bayberry is the perfect chalkboard color and “in a pickle” is that shade of vintage green that reminds me of old toolboxes and garden tables. I had never heard that statistic about there being more people of Irish descent in the US than in Ireland. I suppose! Erin Go Braugh!


    1. The MCM dressers are actually painted in Park Bench. It is very similar to In a Pickle, just maybe a tad less yellow. Either way, it’s a lovely color!


  2. My favorite green is probably Boxwood because it is a yellower
    shade of green. I love that collage of
    that sweet dresser you put together of it a few years back.


    1. Boxwood is a tricky color. Sometimes it comes out much more yellow than others. If I’m thinking of the same piece you are, I added bonding agent to the Boxwood and that seemed to bring out the yellow making the color more olive.


      1. Aha that’s two comments indicating Boxwood is tricky. That’s a deterrent. Betting you have addressed this somewhere
        already maybe a number of times on blog. When I find that perfect item telling me it wants to be Boxwood. I shall study this more intently. And you do have an excellent memory. The boxwood dresser I adore you did used a bonding agent and Johnson’s paste wax. I picked up some Fusion Ultra Grip plus some Little Lamb yesterday.


  3. I like the park bench and the peacock greens. You didn’t mention our homemade greenish blue, which I can’t remember the name, lake superior something.


  4. No favorites, love them all. Of course all I can hear in my head is Kermit singing… And I love that you are painting so much green. Miss Mustard seeds blog for the milk paint had a post on painting with boxwood, apparently it’s tricky. One more ‘green’ note, they are running a special on DNA testing this weekend on Ancestry, so apparently it’s a ‘thing’ to see if you are of Irish descent! Oh, and in St. Louis they bake green snake bread to sell on St. Paddy’s day, we always had that!


  5. Loving the Park Bench greens for sure. When I grow up, I’m going to gave a huge Victorian house that sits on a large parcel of land…that way I can have lots of rooms and the rooms will be called by the color of furniture placed in them. That should keep you in business for sure! Happy St. Pats to all!


  6. I think I would vote the Sweet Pickin’s pickle green to be my favorite of your photos. I painted my furniture back in the late 80’s/early 90’s with a forest green color. No chalk paint back then, and I strove to not have one chipped spot. Much better today all chalky and distressed. I still have a little farm side table that now is white, but I left the forest green on the underside of the bottom to remember those days by.


    1. I have put that on the back burner for now. It’ possible I’ll go back to having an occasional sale at my house sometime down the road, but I don’t have any plans to do so this year.


  7. In the back of my mind I vaguely remembered that drawer saga. But
    the other dresser you did in Boxwood you had no problems.
    Actually the Little Lamb is for hubby
    he needed it for a client. But I can tell from the bookcase it does come off with a periwinkle undertone.


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