available for local sale.

The following pieces are all available for sale locally (suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota).  If interested in a particular item, please email me at qisforquandie@gmail.com.

the bedford linen press – $325

dimensions:  38″ wide x 22″ deep x 49.5″ tall

the pretty french provincial dresser – $225

dimensions:  39″ wide x 20″ deep x 50.5″ tall

the spoon carved cupboard – $255

dimensions:  43.75″ wide x 37.5″ tall x 17.5″ deep

the black and white dresser (available at Reclaiming Beautiful) – $255


dimensions:  33″ w x 18″ deep x 46.75″ tall (68″ tall with mirror)

a chippy farmhouse cupboard – $295


dimensions:  38.5″ wide x 54″ tall x 17.25″ deep

pair of glossy white faux bamboo chairs – $50

white chairs

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