the brook chair.

Fusion has new colors, Fusion has new colors!

I’m like a kid in a candy store with paint colors, and it’s even more fun when Fusion offers to send me some of their new colors to play around with.  Thank you Fusion!

They’ve arrived while I am in the thick of things prepping for my upcoming sale, but I couldn’t resist cracking one of them open and doing a quick makeover on this oak office chair that I picked up at the St. Anthony Park sales.


This chair was crying out for a make-over, but I almost didn’t buy it.  The car was pretty full, but I convinced my sister that I could cram it in and I went back for it.  I’m so glad that I did!  It’s super sturdy and it looks awesome with it’s new paint job.


This delicious color is called Brook and is part of the new Penny & Co. Collection.


It took no time at all to paint two coats of paint on the chair and then distress the edges a little with sandpaper.


Brook is the perfect color for my bedroom.


Although I originally planned to sell this chair, I think I’m gonna have to keep it for now.  Wouldn’t you agree?

If you’re a local, you can find Fusion paint at Salvaged with Style in Hudson.  They charge $19.95 for a pint and $5.95 for a sample sized jar.  They will be getting in the new colors by the end of next week or so.  I totally recommend checking them out!

thinking outside the drawer.

Remember the pile of drawers I bought at a garage sale?


They were super cheap, had gorgeous hardware and I figured I could do something creative with them.

Today I’m sharing just the first one.  It’s the one on the top of the pile that is divided.

drawer before

It was just begging to be turned into a shelf.

I used spray adhesive to adhere some decorative paper inside, and now it looks like this.

drawer empty

I filled it up so you could have an idea what it would look like hanging on the wall for displaying stuff.

drawer full

It makes a great spot for some ironstone, vintage cameras and old photos.

drawer corner close up

photo close up

This piece will be available at my upcoming sale.  Speaking of which, my sister says I’m not ‘advertising’ it enough on the blog.  So let’s set that straight, shall we?

The Carriage House Sale will take place on Saturday, October 8 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  I’m located in a suburb of St. Paul, MN.  If you are local, stay tuned for more info here on the blog as the date gets closer.

If you’d like an idea of the sorts of things we have at our sale (besides this drawer shelf) check out {this post} from last year’s sale and {this post} recapping sales from years past.  I’ve been pinning some of the actual items that will be at the sale this year, you can see that pin board {here}.

So if you’re local, be sure to pencil it in!

drawer from angle

And even if you aren’t local, what do you thinking of the drawer shelf?  What would you display in it?

short orders at all hours.


I tell you, there is nothing like an upcoming occasional sale to get me motivated to finish some pieces!

This is another one that has been cluttering up my workshop half finished for a good chunk of the summer.  I’ve mislead you with that first photo though, this is really just a little toy sized high chair.  I picked it up at the Linden Hills neighborhood sales back in May, you can see it sitting on top of the washstand in this photo …

linden hills 2016

I purposely bought it to showcase one of Fusion’s Tones for Tots colors, Little Teapot.

I painted one coat, and then it sat … and sat … and sat.  Finally last weekend I finished it up with a second coat of paint.

I can’t claim all of the credit on this one, my sister was over helping me get ready for my sale and she did the distressing.


She did a great job, didn’t she?

Once it was all painted up, I wanted to add a little something to back rest so I pulled out my rub-on’s.  I thought I had some that were more kid-friendly but I couldn’t find any, then I realized that this Gerald’s Cafe rub-on from 7 Gypsies was kind of perfect.

high-chair-close-upNow this sweet little high chair is the perfect spot for feeding Gerald the fuzzy elephant at all hours.


Pretty adorable.

book page dresser no. 2


I brought this dresser home way, way, way back last winter.


At that time I was considering using it to demo the Rachel Ashwell paint that I was giving a test run.  But the RA people only sent me one color, and although I chose a very lovely pale blue, I didn’t feel like pale blue was right for this one.

So I tucked this dresser out of the way and went in another direction with the Rachel Ashwell paint.  Then come spring, I shoved it into a corner of the workshop and there it sat all summer.  The poor neglected thing.

I think I kept putting it off because it needed more work than average.

First, the legs needed to be re-glued.  I’m not sure if you can see what’s going on in this photo, but the front legs must have been made from two pieces of wood that were glued together, and they had come unglued.


So I glued them back together again.

Next I attempted to re-glue this pretty trim back on the top drawer.


 And that didn’t quite work.  The pieces were rather warped and wouldn’t lay flat, so in the end no amount of re-gluing would do the trick.  Denied.

Finally I wasn’t sure how I wanted to address the significant veneer issues on the top of this one.


While you’re admiring that picture of the chipped veneer, also pay attention to all of that reddish looking staining.  Yep, I suspect that had I tried to paint this one a light color I would have ended up with bleed-thru.

You might be wondering at this point what exactly I was thinking when I purchased this dresser.  Trust me, I have been wondering the same.  I really overpaid for a piece with this many issues.  Live and learn.

So in order to save myself any further heartache over this piece, and in order to just get it done before my upcoming sale, I decided to paint it black to avoid stain bleed-thru issues, remove the decorative trim that wouldn’t stay glued and use my decoupaged book page method for the chipped veneer (I first used this method here).


If I’d had more time to futz with it, I think it would have been pretty painted a creamy white like the last book page dresser.  Maybe next time.

You may have noticed that I saved some gold details on those columns on either side of the dresser’s front.  The patina on that gold was really lovely, so I made sure to save it.


And I filled in the chipped veneer on the top with pages from an old Swedish bible.


It was fun staging this piece simply with stacks of books including some of the books I painted and stenciled a couple of years ago.


And all in all, I think it turned out quite lovely.


If you are local and you’re coming to my sale on October 8, you can be the judge of that yourself!

oil can photo holders.

I’m fond of old oil cans, is that weird?

I picked up a couple of them at garage sales this summer.


Although they were OK as is, I kept thinking about this fantastic bright blue oil can that I purchased a couple of years ago.


And I decided to try and replicate that colorful look.

I scrubbed them with dish soap first to cut any oily residue.  Then I painted them with Annie Sloan’s Florence chalk paint.  Once the paint was dry, I waxed them with a dark wax and then I added some Tim Holtz rub-ons.


Are you wondering how well the chalk paint is going to stick to an oily metal surface?  I wouldn’t count on it for an item that is going to be handled a lot, but for something that’s going to be decorative, and mainly just sit on a shelf, the adherence is sufficient.  You can see that my rub-on’s did pull off some of the paint.

Using a couple of small clips, I turned my oil cans into photo holders.


Easy peasy project, the next time you see some old oil cans make sure you grab them and try this!

the l.b.d.


Every girl should have at least one l.b.d. in her wardrobe.  They are so versatile.  I’d say the same can be said about this l.b.d, or little black dresser.

It can go anywhere, bedroom, foyer, dining room, kitchen, living room.


This particular l.b.d. came from my friend Sue’s sister.  I seem to have completely forgotten to take a before photo, but it’s your basic oak serpentine dresser.

I stripped the top and painted the rest in Little Billy Goat’s Old Pickup.  I waxed the body with black wax.  I really liked the contrast between the lighter top and the black paint, so I kept the top light by giving it a coat of clear wax followed by a coat of white wax.  So far nnK, Ken and Mr. Q have all made it clear (pardon the pun) that they are not on board with this decision, but I love it.  To me the wood top looks pickled or lime waxed.


I feel certain that there is going to be a buyer out there who loves this top as much as I do.

I believe at some point in its life someone hacked an inch or two off the feet of this piece.  It was obvious looking at the saw marks on the bottoms, and the dresser itself seemed a little stumpy.  So I added casters and that helped immensely.


I used portions of two different stencils on the front.  I love the subtlety.  As usual, when I’m stenciling on black, I used acrylic paint in a dark grey shade.  It comes across as ‘white’ without being glaring.


How do you like chair no. 6?  This chair used to be in my kitchen, but I replaced it with a blue chippy stool.  I’ve cleaned it up, re-glued its joints, recovered the seat and it’s in the pile for my upcoming sale.


I have no idea why I chose to put a ‘6’ on the back.  I went through a number phase where lots of stuff got numbers added.  Six seemed like a good choice for this chair.


I have to say that if I had a need for a l.b.d. I would be keeping this one.  I absolutely love how it turned out.  But, alas, I already have a gorgeous l.b.d. in my guest room.  I really don’t need two.  This one is for sale.  Be sure to see my ‘available for local sale’ tab for more info.

st. anthony park.

Somehow I was thinking that neighborhood garage sale season was over.  Luckily my friend Sue gave me a heads up on the St. Anthony Park sales this past Saturday, so Debbie and I headed out at the crack of dawn to see what we could find.

SAP is another gorgeous neighborhood full of older homes in St. Paul, MN.  My sister is often so busy admiring the homes that she forgets to keep an eye on the road!  For us half of the fun of these neighborhood sales is getting to prowl around residential areas admiring the houses and the gardens without anyone calling the cops.


At our very first stop of the morning I grabbed so many things from the ‘free pile’ that we had to make a trip back to the car before we even looked at the items for sale!  Then we had to make two more trips to load up the car with our purchased items including the darling table with green legs.  I’ve already started stripping the top of the table because it had been very poorly refinished, but my sister thinks I should leave the green legs.  What do you think?


After our second stop I was nearly out of money and the car was pretty much full.

By our third stop I had to carefully make room to squeeze in this fantastic oak desk chair.  I’ve painted a few of these chairs in the past and although they can be putzy to paint, they always turn out fantastic.  My sister grabbed the pair of linen throw pillows.


By our 4th stop, I had to borrow some more cash from my sister to buy this phone.


I purchased this spatula just because I like the typography on the handle, and I purchased the book just because I liked the photo on the jacket.


I thought the spatula would look good mixed in with some wooden utensils.


I’ve saved ‘find of the day’ status for this washboard.  I’ve never seen one with a galvanized top like this before.


I might keep it, or my sister might want it, or it might end up in my sale.  At this point it’s anyone’s guess.