sweetie jane cabinet.

Remember the fab little doll sized bow front cabinet that I purchased earlier this year at a garage sale?

ECCO 4Well, I decided to give it a paint job.  It was kind of sweet, but I knew it would be much more magical with a little paint.

I’d been admiring a milk paint color by someone other than Miss Mustard Seed … gasp … there, I said it out loud.  Not that I don’t love Miss Mustard Seed, but Sweetie Jane by Sweet Pickins Milk Paint just kept catching my eye.  It looked like that perfect vintage shade of blue green.  So I sent away for some.  Since the very first piece of furniture I painted with Miss Mustard Seed milk paint was this miniature hutch …

first cupboard

I decided to repeat the experience with Sweetie Jane and this miniature cabinet.

The product itself is very similar, a powder that comes in a little resealable package, mix it with water and so on.  And here is the finished product.

sweetie jane title

At this point, you might be thinking, ‘hey, aren’t those the same color?’ and it’s a fair question.  The color is pretty close to Miss Mustard Seed’s Eulalie’s Sky.  But the Sweetie Jane has just a touch more green in it.  At the end of the post I’ll show a picture of these together and you can see the subtle difference in color.

I filled this little cabinet with some of my vintage clocks to show that these can make great display pieces.  They don’t have to be used as toys, or filled only with miniatures.

Sweetie Jane cabinet clocks

You may remember that this cabinet was missing its shelves when I bought it.  Ken cut new ones out of cheap 1/8″ hardboard.  I painted them, and then added some vintage wallpaper to them.

Sweetie Jane cabinet interior 2

You can’t see them in any of the pictures so far, but this little cupboard has lights inside.

Sweetie Jane cabinet lights

There is one over each shelf.  However, the wiring to these lights is some sort of flat tape with a connector that I don’t recognize.  I have no idea if I could find the right kind of adapter to actually plug it in.

I haven’t decided the fate of this cabinet yet.  I may keep it, due to my fascination with all things miniature.  Or I may sell it.  Depends on my mood on any given day … well, and it also depends on whether or not I can find a spot for it.

Perhaps I should line up my miniature cupboards and keep them on the front porch.

trio of mini cabinets

What do you think?

P.S.  Jennifer has featured my home today on her blog, Town and Country Living!  Check it out!

19 thoughts on “sweetie jane cabinet.

  1. We sell a flat tape electrical thing at HD. Check it out at HD.com first to see if it is the same thing. I likethe clocks and shakers in the cabinet. Good idea.


  2. OMG! I am in love with that cabinet! And then you add alarms clocks and shakers, the two things I collect! I recent bought a sweet little cabinet similar to the cream colored one you have displayed and have been stumped as how to paint it, etc. The wallpaper backing looks great, the wheels inside my head are turning!


    1. The wallpaper backing on that little white hutch was already in place when I bought it, so I can’t take credit for the idea … but I’m glad it has inspired you. I think it’s a great idea!


  3. Sweetie Jane is my new fav color too! But of course I’d have to like Sweetie Jane 😉 I haven’t done a good price comparison between the two paints, as Sweet Pickens comes in a smaller pkg though.


    1. I considered doing the math regarding pricing as well, but didn’t take the time. I’d have to factor in shipping for the Sweet Pickins paint, which adds a bit to the cost too. I do love the color though.


  4. I see a missed a post I was out of town yesterday trying to escape the heat. Love the trio of cabinets. Great paint choice and the wallpaper is a nice touch. But the clock display makes it for me.


    1. You know, I always find it funny how each year there will be some random item that I see multiples of at garage sales. I guess this year it’s the mini-furniture. You just never know what you are going to find!


  5. Love your painted cabinet! I have similar one, but the glass has a little crack and I wonder if you know anyone that fixes or replace it. Thank you.


    1. Unfortunately I do not. And I suspect it would be a little pricey since the glass is curved. But these little cabinets are pretty common (at least around here in Minnesota). After doing this cabinet, I found two more and painted them as well (here). Perhaps you can just replace the whole thing.


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