random makeovers.

I’ve been busy in my workshop lately with a lot of small projects that don’t really seem to merit their own blog post.  So I decided to throw them all together in one post.  So, here we go with some random makeovers!

Remember the bed I purchased in the Nokomis neighborhood?

bed before close up

I painted it in homemade chalk paint in one of my favorite colors, Aloe by Sherwin Williams.

Nokomis bed full

The detail on this bed was just lovely.

Nokomis bed close up

It sold very quickly at Reclaiming Beautiful in Stillwater.

Nokomis bed 1

I have to say that working with the homemade chalk paint (made by mixing Plaster of Paris with water, then adding to regular latex paint) reminded me how much nicer real chalk paint is!  The homemade stuff works and it’s certainly cheaper, but it’s tricky to get the proportions right.  The paint thickens up if left too long.  Plus, I’ve read that breathing in the dust while sanding the Plaster of Paris isn’t really good for you.  I don’t have any authenticated info on that, but just to be on the safe side, I think my homemade chalk paint days are officially over.

Next up, remember the basket from lunch time garage sales?

lunchtime finds

That’s it down in front, kind of an ugly brick red color.  I used a favorite cheat of mine to paint it.  I started with grey spray paint to cover all of the nooks and crannies easily.  Then, I added a lightly brushed on coat of grey chalk paint.

painted basket

It is so much easier to get good coverage first using the spray paint, and then the matte look of chalk paint by one quick brushed coat.

Next, I painted another toolbox.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a before picture.

rooster toolbox 2

It was sort of that ugly beige color that you often see these in.  Sue tried to sell it at our Carriage House sale, but there were no takers.  So I offered to take it off her hands and give it a makeover.

rooster toolbox 1

I painted it with Urban Rooster chalky paint in a color called Jaded Rooster.  Darrielle of D.D.’s Cottage and I recently swapped some paint.  I sent her some Fusion paint (and you can see what she did with it here, here and here), and she sent me some Urban Rooster paint.  I haven’t had much chance to use the Urban Rooster on a full piece of furniture yet, but I loved using it on metal.  It went on very smoothly.  I liked that it wasn’t as thick and texture-y as some chalk paints I have used.  I used two coats on this piece, then I sanded it and finished with wax.

Then I added a fabulous rub-on that has been in my stash for years.  Sometimes rub-on’s dry up over time and no longer work, so I was really happy that this one was still good.

rooster toolbox close up

This is a Rhonna Farrer Phrases Rub On, but sadly I don’t think these are available to purchase anymore which is too bad because they are fab.

rooster toolbox 3

My friend Terri and I were recently lamenting the fact that rub-on’s seem to have gone out of favor.  If any of you have a good source for them, I’d love to know about it!

And last but not least, I shared the ‘before’ of this little dresser way back in October.

mini dresser beforeI have painted this three times since then!  Well, parts of it anyway.  I started out painting the whole thing in Sweet Pickin’s Sweetie Jane.  And nearly every single bit of paint chipped right back off.  I wanted it to be really chippy, but not that chippy.

mini dresser version 1

Next I just sanded down and painted the drawer fronts.  First in pink, then a layer of white.  The paint adhered better after the sanding, and I was very happy with how the drawer fronts looked.  You can see that change in this photo, bottom right.

mini dresser in Q branch

But after living with it a while, I realized that I didn’t like how white and un-chippy the drawers were compared to the rest of the piece.

So recently when I had some extra Miss Mustard Seed French Enamel left over, I decided to add another coat of paint to the body.

mini dresser after

Although I didn’t really plan it this way, having these different layers of color gives the piece the look of having been painted many times through the years.

Sometimes it takes me more than one do-over before I get it right, but as they say, if at first you don’t succeed …

So, which of these random projects is your favorite?  I’d love to know!


15 thoughts on “random makeovers.

  1. Love all the details on the bed not surprised it went quickly. Is it just me or does paint seem to bring those out more? I am totally in love with the toolbox redo. I think they remind me of my Dad and how he liked tinkering around with different projects toolbox in hand. Hmmm….interesting thought men tend to be described as tinkering and women in the same frame of mind as puttering – why is that


    1. I think it is specifically a distressed paint job that brings out the detail on pieces. Even adding just a small amount of distressing to the edges brings out more character.


  2. The bed is gorgeous. The detail is so pretty. I can see it all made up with pretty vintage linens. I really like your final paint finish on the little dresser too. The blue and white just seem to fit it.


  3. I must say the bed and dresser are my favorites as well! Great colors and details!!
    It’s probably not good to breathe anything we sand. I have tried BB Frosch chalk paint powder and like it better than the Plaster of Paris version I’ve mixed up. Not as cheap, but as with most things you have to weigh the pros and cons! Oh and funny you mentioned the rub-on disappearance. After seeing a few of your posts using them I tried to locate some and couldn’t find much of a selection!


    1. The lack of rub-ons available these days is a tragedy really. I love them, and now I tend to ration them because I know I can’t get more of certain styles. Wish I had stocked up when I had the chance!


  4. I am literally sitting here with tears in my eyes looking at that sweet little dresser. I wonder if I throw myself on the floor and kick and scream my husband will let me drive from Missouri to Minnesota to buy it. That piece just touches me in a way that is hard to explain, I am in love with it!


    1. Well, it’s not that far. LOL. I wonder if you had something similar in your childhood and you don’t really remember it, but somewhere deep down in your subconscious you remember blissful days playing with it as a child. Thus your visceral reaction to it!


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