more lunchtime finds.

I was out doing some lunchtime garage saling again last week.  I brought home this little pile of treasures.

lunchtime finds

Everything pictured will get some sort of a makeover.  I started with the big wood caddy and simply added a stencil.

french market toolbox

I believe this carrier was meant for gathering cut flowers.  I filled mine with some stock (that is the name of the flower, in case you are finding that confusing).  I wish I could say that I grew this myself because I think it would be lovely in the garden, but no, I purchased it from a front yard plant cart while garage saling last weekend.

toolbox stock

toolbox 1 angle

The second wood caddy needed a more serious makeover.  That green tree and fence stencil had to go.

toolbox 2 before

I painted the entire thing with Fusion’s Laurentien.

toolbox on chair

Then I added a French stencil in white to both sides.

toolbox 2 stencil close up

So much better than the tree, am I right?

toolbox full

I used the same beautiful stock to stage this photo, but this time it’s in a blue canning jar.  I love the pale pink in combination with the pale yellow centers.  So pretty.

toolbox 2 with stock

I’m still working on the basket, the 3 small chairs and the little watering can, so you’ll just have to stay tuned to see those!

5 thoughts on “more lunchtime finds.

  1. Yep the stencil totally trumps the tree. I love the paint colors too. I always think those look so hokey when I come across them in a store. You just know how to give them character. Would love that on my breakfast room table. So you keep you eyes peeled
    constantly don’t you?


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