the mini’s.

One of my readers recently gave me the idea of sharing a flashback post on all of my mini’s (thank you for that idea Connie).

Since I’m in the middle of working on a bunch of Christmas items, and my bench makeover isn’t quite finished, I thought this would be a great way to create some content that wasn’t hopelessly out of season for you guys today.

Plus, it doesn’t take much encouragement for me to share my favorites, starting with this one.

It’s the perfect spot to perch my mini camera.

That is actually the 2nd look for this piece.  I’d originally painted it in Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Eulalie’s Sky.  In fact, it was the first thing I ever painted in milk paint.  Eventually I re-painted it in Homestead House milk paint in Limestone when I unified my mini non-collection by painting them all the same color.

Adding the IOD transfer on the front was definitely the icing on the cake though.

Another of the mini’s that I’ve kept for myself is this one …

I use it as a jewelry box.

The third piece in the photo of mini’s above is one that I actually parted with.  I’d had it tucked inside a cupboard for a couple of years and decided that I wasn’t enjoying it enough to keep it.

So I brought it into the shop where I sell on consignment and sold it.

Even though I didn’t paint this next one, it’s still a piece that I haven’t been able to part with.

It’s perfect for holding all of my washi tapes.

This next piece is another one that I haven’t painted.

I haven’t really come up with a purpose for this one, so for now it lives inside a birdcage out on my front three-season porch.

Don’t even ask what possessed me to put it in a cage.  Who knows?  But I like it.  I keep debating whether or not to sell it though.

I also can’t really explain why sometimes I want to paint over these original finishes, and sometimes I don’t.  With the piece that I shared last week, I painted over its original yellow paint color.

This next piece is another one where I painted over the original paint …

mainly because the inside was a dark red, and the outside a really dingy cream color.  I just didn’t love it.

It turned out super adorable in a new color scheme though, and it sold quickly.

Here’s another hutch that I painted up.

I really wasn’t in love with those colors on that vintage wallpaper liner, but it was so perfectly vintage that I left it along and just painted the rest of the piece.  This one sold quickly as well, so someone must have loved it.

I’m not quite sure that this next one really counts as a miniature piece of furniture, but it definitely has the same flavor so I thought I’d include it.  This is another one that sold quickly, and who can be surprised by that?  Anyone can use an adorable button box to contain all of their mending supplies.

I’m not sure that this next one counts as a mini-dresser either, it’s more of a little storage box-ish thing really.  But I’m including it anyway.

I guess I can include anything I want to here, right?  It’s my blog, and I’ll post what I want to 😉

Anyway, that’s another one that I sold so that someone else could enjoy it in their own non-collection!

So how about, which one of these was your favorite.  Be sure to let me know in a comment.

14 thoughts on “the mini’s.

  1. Oh my goodness!! I cannot pick a favorite. I love them all. I have never seen minis like this. How small are they really because it looks like some hold your ironstone. These are so fabulous!!


    1. Well naturally, I have mini ironstone too! LOL. But really, they vary in size. The first hutch with the ironstone inside is 18″ tall. More like American Girl Doll sized furniture as opposed to Barbie sized. The smaller ones like the pink piece & the blue piece are more like 6″ to 7″ tall.


  2. I knew I was a little envious for an obvious reason. SO.MANY.MINI! You now are officially the miniest small dresser/cabinet person ever. And all so adorable. Thanks for sharing ALL of them. Now I’m going to go sulk.


  3. So glad you showed your mini’s. I had not seen them before. I am a mini collector too. I am also a doll collector so I usually display them with my dolls. My favorites are pink and vintage white. Right now several of them are being used by my 5 year old granddaughter. I am trying my best to bring vintage into her world.


    1. How fun! I still remember playing with a vintage metal wringer washing machine at my grandma’s house when I was a child. Hopefully your granddaughter will make lasting memories of vintage toys too!


  4. WoW, I love those minis! Can’t say I’ve ever run into any in real life, but if I ever do, I surely will snatch them up. Beautiful, all!


  5. I love your mini non-collection! They are so adorable! I have a few non-collections myself. I think my favorite is the one you left with the vintage wallpaper.


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