Amy made me do it.

A while back my friend Amy (whose lovely home I recently featured) took a quick phone pic in a shop and sent it to me …


I think you can see why.

It’s a wonder I didn’t hop in my car and head straight for the shop, but she was all the way in Carver (which is on the other side of the cities from me), and she wasn’t 100% sure exactly which shop it was.  Well, I’m sure she was sure while she was in it, but not later when she sent me the photo.

Anyway …

Seeing this collection of all white mini dressers made me fall in love with the idea of unifying my little non-collection this way.  See why I’m saying that Amy made me do it?!

So I got out the Homestead House milk paint in Limestone and went to town.


The first mini in the line up was already white.  And it’s painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s Linen.  You can see that the Linen is just a tad warmer than the Limestone.

So I had a head start with this one.  I painted it way back in March 2015 and you can see that post here.  It was a two layer paint job with MMS Luckett’s Green under the Linen.


The second piece in the line up, the tall hutch style piece, was one of the first pieces I ever painted in milk paint.  It was in MMS Eulalie’s Sky and you can see it here.  Such a pretty color, but I was ready for a change.

Unfortunately there was a slight mishap while painting it.  I broke the glass!  Ooops.


Well, no worries, I just took out the glass and replaced it with screening.  I love the look of screening anyway.

It houses a small non-collection of flower frogs.


I’ve repainted the final mini multiple times!  You can read about the first paint jobs here.  This one is a chippy little thing.  The first paint job chipped off almost entirely.  I really liked the second paint job in MMS French Enamel, but I’m even happier now with my uniform whites.


It’s still pretty chippy as you can see.  It was missing the mirror when I bought it and I had some vintage wallpaper in that spot, but I switched it up for an old map.  But I’m kinda thinking maybe I should put a little chalkboard in that spot instead, what do you think?

And did you notice something else?  I now have a tiny mini camera!


Isn’t it adorable?  My niece gave it to me for Christmas.  It even has a tiny leather case.


It seems to be a real camera, although I can’t imagine where you would get tiny film to fit inside.

I’m quite happy with my trio of white minis.


So thanks for making me do it Amy!

29 thoughts on “Amy made me do it.

  1. Adorable! I think the map does need to be replaced with something softer, I think resale-what would a little girl want? Maybe a light turquoise chalk paint with a pretty stencil, or lace, or decoupage some paper doll cutouts?


    1. I was going to go with an adorable illustration from a vintage children’s book, but then I came across the map paper. If I ever decide to sell it, I will keep that thought in mind tho.


  2. Wonder where Kris found the minicamera? What a thoughtful and personal gift! Love the new look…so cool to see all of them together.


  3. I am definitely on board with chalkboard idea. I like the color of the one you did and showcased with the ironstone in the dining room. Love them in white may be an even stronger visual presentation. Also love your frog non-collection.


  4. You had me at the first photo… Now I want to go to that shop just to see all the stuff and take pictures for inspiration. And then your miniatures, the dressers and the accessories, they are so wonderful together. (oops your ‘non collectibles’) Good move – painting them all the same color. It unifies them and really brings out the details. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Sooooooo I FEEL like I’m just going to take ALL of the credit for this adorable project, that’s what I’m sensing you’d like me to do😉…. kidding!!!!! I just thought you’d love to see that someone else has your mini dresser obsession but how AWESOME that you did this! It looks SO cool….I feel like I NEED a mini dresser collection now too!!!!!!😜


    1. Well frankly Amy, I can’t understand why you don’t already have a mini dresser collection! It would fit right in at your adorable home. And you are sensing correctly, I give all of the credit for this to you 😉


  6. Be still my heart! I love the way you’ve unified your collection of minis! I’m making a shelf for our upstairs hallway to house mine and I’m planning to paint them all a neutral color, too. The little camera is adorable!


    1. We really do think alike Vickie! I’ll be working on my pale yellow dresser this weekend and hope to have it posted soon, along with a link to the inspiration I found for it on your blog 😉


  7. Love, love, love the mini’s! I would keep the map, it is perfect with the little camera–see the world! Then get another mini with a chalkboard!


  8. Oh I bought a little camera just like that one at a consignment shop few years ago…I like to take pics so I fell in love with it, then hunted all over for more….and now have a mini collection of those. They once really worked, and there is some place you can still purchase film for it, but I haven’t, I just like to display them, hang one on my Christmas Tree….once you start looking for them you can get carried away, just like with ironstone or many other collectible things I guess. So enjoy!


    1. Shut the front door! Oh boy, I can see another non-collection in my future. It’s amazing that they made tiny film for them. And I love that you hang one on your Christmas tree.


  9. Hi there .Oh did you ever take me back— a long way.I was 6 years old when a very favourite uncle made me what I would call a china cabinet (the one that you broke the glass) and Santa brought me a lovely china tea set that fit in it perfectly. I had many tea parties after that with my dolls.(it was not chippy but painted a soft cream) I guess you know who this is by now. I have no idea where it went after I had it. By the way that was 75 years ago. My 81st birthday is tomorrow. I am proud to say that I remembered that LOL –Love from Betty in Ontario,Canada. Thanks for the wonderful memory


    1. Happy Birthday Betty from Ontario! I bet you had great fun playing with that cabinet and tea set. The tea set in the photo of the mini dresser with the map paper belonged to my grandmother and I’m so glad someone thought to hang on to it all this time until it came to me.


  10. The minis are so sweet! I wouldn’t mind having a bunch in my house. I love boxes, and I have plenty of those. Wooden. Maybe I can create a wall of those {once I find them again}! We moved in about a year ago, and I am working on the first room! There are many more to go — as time and money allow! Thank you for sharing!


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