tiny cupboard update.

As you know, I have a fondness for tiny pieces of ‘furniture’.  I purchased this little cupboard at a garage sale quite a few years ago.  It was actually the first piece I ever painted in Miss Mustard Seeds milk paint.

That color is Eulalie’s Sky.

But then a little over a year ago I decided to unify all of my tiny pieces by painting them all white using Homestead House milk paint in Limestone.

I managed to break the glass in the door when I did that, so I replaced it with window screening.  I have to say that I kinda prefer the screening.

Then recently I swapped out the metal knobs on this one for some small glass knobs from D Lawless.  More for practical reasons than anything else, those metal knobs were sort of cobbled on with glue and they kept falling off.  I keep my chalk in the upper drawer of this little cupboard, so I need the drawer to be functional.

So that brings us to ‘before no. 2’.

Then recently I became slightly obsessed with one of the Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) transfers called Le Petit Rosier.

For those of you who are confused when it comes to IOD transfers, here’s the scoop.  Originally IOD partnered with Prima Marketing to design some transfers such as my absolute favorite, the Seeds transfer …

So there is an entire line of Prima Marketing transfers that were designed by IOD.  But then IOD branched out on their own and now have a line of transfers that are not from Prima Marketing.  Le Petit Rosier is one of them.  When you are searching for a place to buy IOD transfers, make sure you specify if you are looking for the older Prima Marketing line designed by IOD, or the newer IOD line of transfers.

After trying to resist buying any of the new IOD transfers (because I have a backlog of Prima Marketing transfers to work with), I finally caved a couple of weeks ago and ordered a few online.  La Petit Rosier comes in two sizes, so I ordered two of the smaller ones and one of the bigger ones.  Then I did this goofy thing that I tend to do, I ‘saved’ them for ‘just the right project’.  I call it goofy because obviously I could always order more when ‘just the right project’ comes along if I’ve already used these.  It’s not like I can’t ever get any more of them.

So rather than wait for just the right project to show up, I wandered around my house looking for something I could put one of these transfers on.  That led me to my tiny cupboard.

Only about half of the smaller sized transfer fit on the front (which explains why I originally felt it wasn’t quite ‘the perfect project’ for it).

But dang!  It’s adorable!  And I can always use the bottom half of the transfer on something else.

I love how the glass knobs allow the transfer to be the star of the show.

I did have some floral scrapbook paper lining the inside of the cupboard and the drawers before, but I switched that out for some French papers.  My friend Terri gave me this set of French ephemera for my birthday a few years ago.

Once again, I was ‘saving’ it for the perfect project when I could have been using it for any number of things.  What is wrong with me?

When I went through the things included in the packet of ephemera I found this French religious medal, so I hung that from the cupboard door.

After adding some little pieces of ironstone on the shelves, my tiny camera added the perfect final touch.

For now this little cupboard is on the shelf over the radiator at the foot of the stairs where I can admire it every time I go up or down.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.  Not that I didn’t love it before, but sometimes it’s fun to switch things up.

What do you think?

32 thoughts on “tiny cupboard update.

  1. Oh my word I love them both! So so cute. And I thought I was the only person that “saved” things. The hardest part for me is making up my mind what to do and what to use. And to complicate matters I follow wonderful blogs like yours and cram more ideas in my head to have to choose from.


  2. You wouldn’t even know it’s a tiny cupboard! Love the makeover, but have to say I love the sentiment even more! With my decluttering and Feng Sh*& rampage, I’m trying to use what I have. Burn the good candles, use the fancy lotion, put items in pretty containers! Enjoy things now and more good things come! Lovely, Linda!


  3. So dang cute. I just have one tiny dresser, I kept it in its original condition. Then another dealer at my antique mall offered up two for free – old green and white paint but I’m trying to pare down, so I sold both of them! But I’m always on the lookout for small sweet vintage things. Love your tiny ironstone and camera, great staging!


  4. An adorable make-over! The tiny scaled transfer is perfect, but the French medal with its little ribbon is the winning detail. Will each little dresser get a re-do?


    1. Good question Kim. Believe it or not, I hadn’t really considered that idea. Duh! Well, one of the dressers already has a tiny transfer on the front (this one), but the 3rd one doesn’t. Maybe I should use the left over bottom half of the transfer on that one!


  5. That is soooo cute! I love your collection of littles! So sweet and the ironstone and camera just make it even cuter! Is cuter a word? You continue to amaze!


  6. The little cupboard is adorable. I love this little transfer. I love your collection of little pieces. You have shared them before. The makeover is perfect! ❤️


  7. Absolutely charming! So comforting to hear there are many more “savers” out there. My excuse is when the creative spirit moves me I will have just what I need on hand.When you live rural it is a little more difficult to just pop out and drive 100K for supplies.


    1. It’s funny, I live right here inside the Twin Cities 494/694 loop, and yet I hate to have to run out for supplies. Plus, I tend to order most of my supplies online and have them delivered which isn’t immediate, so I also want to have just what I need on hand. Maybe that is a part of my ‘saving stuff’ mentality!


  8. I have just one tiny dresser. I’ve left it original wood but may have to paint it after seeing yours! I’m always on the lookout for them but have only found pricey ones. I’ll keep looking though!


  9. Love this Quandie! I admire your courage at changing. Sometimes I get paralyzed by the decision and the “perfect project/victim” for a makeover! Your fearlessness is inspiring. The tiny camera is the cherry on top!


    1. Funny you should make this comment just now Sheri. I have recently been doing an online stress & anxiety reduction program, and one of the topics they addressed was the idea of ‘perfection’ and how it can stop us from making even simple decisions for fear of making the ‘wrong’ choice. I definitely don’t come by that ‘fearlessness’ you mentioned naturally, I’m have to work at it all the time! I hope I’m encouraging you to do the same 🙂


  10. Absolutely adore this miniature cupboard, and love the transformation EVEN MORE!! I am trying to figure out a way to slip into your house and make it my own…


  11. Love all of the makeovers and re-makeovers of your minis! I love the new IOD designs and the quality and ease of transferring has improved when they started producing their own.


    1. I do love their designs as well. However, I did not find the IOD easier to apply. In fact, in my opinion it was a bit more challenging. It took quite a while to get all of the design transferred, and I still had some spots that just wouldn’t adhere at all. I think that is related to how small the lettering is on this smaller version of the transfer, and not necessarily a quality issue. I also found that the IOD transfer didn’t seem as ‘sticky’ as the Prima Marketing transfers that I’m used to working with, which meant that it tended to slip around a bit more on my surface. With the Prima Marketing transfers I don’t always feel the need to tape them down, but with this IOD transfer you definitely need to tape it down to keep it from moving around while working with it. In other words, there are pros and cons. But both are fantastic, good quality products. I would absolutely use either brand in the future and think that the deciding factor would come down to choosing based on design more than anything else.


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