my obsession with tiny furniture.

tiny furniture obsesssion

My obsession with tiny furniture continues!

Who remembers this little number that I picked up at a garage sale in early summer?

tiny cupboard before

It had an authentically aged original paint job, but I just couldn’t handle the red.  So I painted over the red with some Annie Sloan Duck Egg.  Then, the fresh coat of Duck Egg made the original cream exterior look seriously dingy and yellowed.  So I went over that with some Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Linen.

tiny cupboard

I fully expected a bunch of chipping since I was painting over paint, but I didn’t get a single chip.  When I say that whether or not milk paint will chip can be unpredictable, I mean it.

Once it was painted, I also added a tiny little ’37’ rub-on to the top.

room to create

I know it can be hard to judge scale in these photos, but this little cupboard is just 18″ tall.  It’s the perfect size for placing on a dresser or table top and filling it up with some of your crafting supplies.

tiny cupboard and crafting supplies

It’s kinda adorable, right?

I was contemplating keeping it and letting it join its brethren in the Q Branch (my study).

mini collage

But I really don’t think I need another tiny piece of furniture!

So it will probably end up at my sale in October.  I think.  Maybe.  Yes. Probably.

14 thoughts on “my obsession with tiny furniture.

  1. Done- glad you made a decision no vacillating here! Lol! You do know things are more interesting in odd numbers so I vote for the entire congregation to stay together. Can I get an amen?
    In all seriousness nice refresh on this tiny piece.


    1. I am an odd number girl, but that little pink one is not on display. It is inside my rooster cupboard. So I only have 3 on display, and this one would make number 4 … an even number … I think it may stay on the chopping block.


  2. My vote is to keep this cabinet and “adopt” out the pink one so that your bevy of tiny cabinets are all in hues of blues and whites!


    1. The pink one is super tiny, maybe only about 6″ tall, compared to this one at 18″ tall. I did debate getting rid of the blue one in the bottom right photo though … that’s still a possibility.


      1. Got it many of these items are redone with your sale in mind. You do have a business to run. I love that you have attractive storage mine tends just to be functional. I may have to rethink that for myself.


  3. I love them all. And there is something about these small pieces that everyone loves. I have the same problem with jewlery boxes! I hate to say it, but you should sell. The more you sell, the more you can buy. This is my mantra (or has to be) because I am out of space!


  4. Love it! I love little bowls and small versions of everything! Never thought of looking out for a small piece of furniture for them. Thanks for the inspiration!


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