playing hooky.

OK, I wasn’t exactly playing hooky.  It was a legitimate PTO day from the day job.  I had originally scheduled a couple of days off to extend the Memorial Day weekend and to get a bunch of stuff done before my upcoming Carriage House Sale.

But then, the forecast was perfect.  70 and sunny.   And to top it off, my new friend Michelle was willing to head out to the big city (Minneapolis, that is) with me to check out a garden center that I have always wanted to visit.  Furthermore, she’d spied an ad for an estate sale we could stop at on the way.  I was really playing hooky from a day planned for furniture painting.

It was so worth it.

The estate sale was fantastic.  A house crammed full of probably 75 years of stuff.  An attic to dig through.  And clearly Michelle knows how to dig!  Look at this incredible toy dresser she pulled out of a corner of the attic.

rose dresser 2

Those tiny glass knobs are to die for.

Michelle is going to use it in her shop, Rose Mille, to display ribbons and such.  First she will put her own touch on it by lining the drawers with some vintage wallpaper.  I can’t imagine anything more perfect for her.  Maybe Michelle will share an ‘after’ picture with us.  How about it Michelle?

After seeing this amazing find, I headed over to the same corner to see what else was there.  I saw a darling vintage metal toy stove and refrigerator, and a little toy sized carpet sweeper.  I passed on those items, but I had to have this little hutch.

tiny hutch before

Not nearly as fab as Michelle’s little dresser, but cute.  I knew I could up the cute factor with some milk paint too.

I wanted to keep the green and yellow vintage paper, so I decided on some MMSMP in Mustard Seed Yellow for the first coat, then a top coat of Linen.

Isn’t it sweet?

tiny hutch afterIt’s the perfect spot to display a tiny little ironstone creamer and some vintage play silverware.

mini hutch 2

The base coat of yellow just peeks out around the edges.

I am sure that this sweet little hutch will end up at the Carriage House Sale and go home with some lucky shopper!

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