a few of my favorite neighborhood sales.

Before I get on with today’s post I’m wondering if any of you can help me out.  Last Saturday there were a whole bunch of new visitors here on the blog, and I got quite a few new followers.  So, first of all, welcome to all of my new followers, I’m glad you are joining us!  Second of all, how did you find me?  I’d like to thank whomever it was that shared my blog, but since it seems to have been a Facebook thing, my stats don’t tell me where you all came from.  So if you’re willing, please share how you found out about me in a comment.

Earlier this year when Mr. Q and I were trying to decide when and where to go on vacation this year we ran into some scheduling problems.  Between both of our day jobs, both of our side jobs (mine is furniture artist/blogger, his is wedding officiant), scheduling my occasional sale and numerous other things on the calendar it was hard to find a time that we could both be away for any significant length of time.

So when we found the cruise to Norway & Scotland that we’re taking next week it seemed like kismet.  It worked perfectly with our work schedules.  It wasn’t until after we had booked it that we realized we’d be missing Mr. Q’s grandpa’s 100th birthday!  Argh!  Luckily the party is scheduled for the day before we leave, so we weren’t aren’t going to miss the party, just the actual day.

We’re also going to be gone the day my sister closes on her new house.  Dang, I would have liked to share a champagne toast with her the first time she opened the door to her new home with her very own key.  But, we’ll be home just a few days later and in plenty of time to actually help her move (she’ll be doing some painting and cleaning before she moves in).

I also think I’m going to miss the lilacs!  They generally bloom during the last half of May, while I’ll be gone.

But what I didn’t even think to factor in was which of my favorite neighborhood garage sales I would be missing!  What was I thinking planning a trip right at the height of garage sale season?!

In a recent comment, Carol asked me to share some of my favorite sales so I thought I’d do that in a post.  Even though I’m missing out on some of them this year, maybe some of you local readers can check them out.

It’s tradition to kick off the start of garage sale season with the Bryn Mawr neighborhood sale.

Bryn Mawr is always the first weekend in May.  You can check out some of my previous posts about Bryn Mawr here, here and here.

Bryn Mawr is an extremely popular neighborhood sale.  There is traffic congestion, limited parking, and tons of people.  Many of the residents have a sale every year, and in some cases that means they pull out the same ol’ stuff each year, then pack it up when it doesn’t sell and pull it out again next year.  It also means you probably won’t find any really amazing bargain prices.  Usually I manage to come home with at least a few fun things, but this year I didn’t have much luck.  The few things I found didn’t even merit a photo or a blog post.

Although you’ve already missed them, there are several other great neighborhood sales to pick from the first weekend in May including Tangletown and Summit Hill and I may try one of those next year instead of Bryn Mawr.

Another big favorite of mine is Linden Hills, and that’s one I will be missing this year.

Much like Bryn Mawr, Linden Hills is very popular (ie. crowded) and it has a great festival-like atmosphere.  Last year they even had live music.  I’m not positive, but I think Linden Hills is always the first weekend after Mother’s Day.  This year it’s on May 20.

Yep, I’m bummed to be missing it, but since I’ll be spending that day in Stavanger, Norway I guess I can’t complain, right?

The Hale-Page-Diamond Lake neighborhood sale is also on May 20 this year.  If you’re looking for something a little less crowded than Linden Hills, Hale-Page might be a good choice for you.  You can read about my last trip to Hale-Page here.

I’ll also be missing the Roseville city-wide sale this year on June 1 – 3.  This is one that I discovered last year after a tip from a blog reader.  I was on vacation from the day job so was able to get there on the first day of the sale, which is a Thursday.  My friend Meggan joined me and we had a great time.

Since I do work full time, sales that start during the week usually don’t make it onto my list.  I prefer to stick with Saturday only sales whenever possible.  Otherwise all of the good stuff is long gone before I can get there.

Although you don’t usually find many garage sales on holiday weekends, believe it or not the Armitage-Kenny sale is usually held on Memorial Day weekend and so I was assuming I’d miss this one too.  But this year they have moved it to a week later on June 3.

I always enjoyed the fact that Armitage-Kenny was so quiet compared to the other neighborhood sales.  I’m sure that was because of the holiday weekend.  In 2015 we came home with fake tattoos and plastic spoons and not much else.  Although Debbie found a great table with benches.

The East Calhoun neighborhood’s ECCO Super Sale is the sale I usually pick for the first weekend in June (also being held on June 3 this year).

Last year I found a stash of vintage cameras at reasonable prices at ECCO and I even gave one of them away here on the blog since it was a duplicate of one I already had.

Speaking of vintage camera hauls, I hit the mother lode at the Nokomis neighborhood sale in June 2015.

Eureka, right?!

But both my sister Debbie and I love Nokomis for another reason as well.  Our parents both grew up in this neighborhood.  We always make a pilgrimage to our grandparent’s former houses that day in addition to hitting the sales.

The ‘find of the day’ from last year’s Nokomis sale was a croquet set that my sister bought.  I just loved the black and white graphic on it.

This year the Nokomis sales will be held on Saturday, June 17.

Organized neighborhood sales tend to take a hiatus after Nokomis.  There isn’t much going on in July or early August.  It’s too hot for garage sales!

But they start back up again in late August with the MacGrove sale which will be on August 26 this year.  MacGrove is another of my favorites.  Last year I got a gorgeous french desk at MacGrove …

Here is how it looked when I was done with it …

Vintage luggage was the find of the day two years ago at MacGrove.

The St. Anthony Park sales and the Lake of the Isles sales take place in the fall.  I couldn’t find dates yet for this year, so you’ll just have to keep them in mind and watch for dates later this summer.

If any of you locals make it to Linden Hills while I’m gone, be sure to let me know if you find some great stuff.  Or, on second thought, just tell me it was a bust this year so I don’t feel so bad about missing it, OK?

20 thoughts on “a few of my favorite neighborhood sales.

  1. First, my vintage, chippy, turquoise architectural piece and flea market baby book didn’t make the cut for meriting a photo??? 😉 haha, it was great to see you at Bryn! Sorry I didn’t have more time to chat, such a busy morning! I’m going to be referring back to this post and think it should be an annual reminder. Have a blast on your trip, Happy 100 to Grandpa Q and congrats on all the new followers!


    1. That book is adorable. I won’t be decorating a baby’s room pretty much ever, but I still want to take the time to look through it before I pass it on to someone else!


  2. Oooohh….so many great ideas for those lazy summer weekends! Fall sales are my favorites, though, as the cool weather which promises change puts me in the mood to shop!


  3. FINALLY!!! No more mystery about the neighborhood sales! I have no excuse, but I rarely venture out of the Stillwater area and am always wishing I would get to some of these but I hear about them AFTER the fact!!! Awesome info! Have a FABULOUS trip!!!😍😍😍😍


  4. Thanks, Quandie, for your list of the best neighborhood garage sales in our Twin Cities area! So helpful! Wishing you a fantastic cruise!


  5. I don’t quite remember exactly how I found you. I think when I first got into chalk/milk painting, I typed it into the internet and there you were! One look and I was hooked. I was a nurse then when I found you. If you know anything about nurses, we are a pretty crafty group. I told all of my croanies all about your site, and many others as well. I hope that you have a wonderful trip! My husband and I are cruisers as well. I will be anxiously waiting to here all about it when you return. There is no better morning then coffee with “Quandie.”😊


    1. I’m so glad that somebody is looking forward to hearing about my trip 😉 I suspect I will be torturing some people with my travel posts, but happy to know that at least one person will enjoy them!


  6. Well guess what? We are going to miss our favorite neighborhood sale, Nokomis. That is the day we are moving all the big stuff to the new house. I have the truck rented for 8am. Shucks! But there are plenty more sales.


  7. Yes those are all the big events! Note to self : do not book vacations early May to mid June.!
    100 is quite a milestone! Send your readers’ congratulations his way. The celebration will be fun.
    Anyways have a great holiday. I look forward to your holiday posts and also anything on your sister’s new home!
    I don’t think you’ve ever announced when exactly you are away on your blog before.


    1. No, I haven’t announced it before for security reasons. But this time my sister will be house sitting and thus keeping an eye on things for me. Ken, Arlene & nnK also do a great job of watching out for suspicious activity too, so I decided it was safe to spill the beans this time.


  8. I’m drooling over all your wonderful purchases! I’ve been following for a long time, and have you on my blog list, but wanted to say I originally found your blog via several posts on a few blog parties. In fact, I often find new blogs that way.


  9. Hi there…It is strange thing about your cruise to Norway and Scotland. Four of my friends from Wasaga Beach, Ontario (two couples)are also leaving at the same time for this cruise. Could it possibly be the same one.What a coincidence if it is. Have a wonderful time. Betty from Wasaga Beach,Ontario.(you know the one like your Mom) lol


  10. Wow! I just stumbled on your blog, and I am super excited. I just moved to the twin cities area and was hoping to find a few good sales for future projects! I started reading through this post and was thinking…hey these names sound familiar…oh my gosh it’s in Minneapolis! Thank you for this 🙂


  11. I saw you on an Annie Sloan Facebook page because someone commented they like how you stage your photos! I agree, and I love your writing style! Have a wonderful trip!


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