hale, page and diamond lake.

My sister and I ventured out to the Hale, Page and Diamond Lake neighborhood garage sales on Saturday.  The listing showed nearly 100 sales!

hale page

We really had trouble finding them though.  I know that sounds crazy, and we didn’t expect it at all.  But many of the sales were in alleys and they didn’t have any signs!  I’m sure people felt like since they were on the map, they didn’t need a sign.  I’m here to tell you, au contraire people!  A sign at the end of your alley is still super helpful.  Especially if there isn’t a lot of foot traffic.  We peered down so many alleys trying to figure out if there was a sale down there.  We’re sure we didn’t hit even half of the sales.

But we still came home with some fun stuff.  The super tall plant stands are mine.  They are really unique and I liked the height.  I’ve already found homes for them, one on the deck and one in the garden.  The little sleigh is my sister’s.  She plans to paint it red and use it to decorate her apartment balcony at Christmas time.  I suggested she put a small tree full of twinkle lights in it.  The two metal corner shelves are my sister’s as well.  They were $3 each!  For that price, how could you pass them up?  They will tuck into corners in her new apartment and hold plants or books or whatever.

I snagged some french cheese plates and a little glass cloche.

dl french plates

And some vintage jars and kitchen utensils.

dl jars and vintage kitchen items

I’m calling this lovely vintage radio my find of the day.

dl find of the day

I just loved the vintage look of it.  Can’t you just picture a family gathered around this radio listening to news from the front during WWII?  Or maybe a sweet young couple dancing to some Glenn Miller on the porch on a sultry summer evening?

It wasn’t a super bargain at $20 (in garage sale terms), but I had to have it.  I think it will definitely make its way into some future furniture photo shoots.  But in the meantime, I’ve made a home for it in the cupboard on my front porch along with all of my old cameras.

dl radio

After Debbie and I gave up on trying to find more sales, we popped over to Stillwater to get some more annuals for my planters.  We ended up in Rose Floral which unbeknownst to me has a huge selection of fairy garden supplies.  My fairy garden needed a new look for this year, so I purchased a few new plants and a sweet little pergola.

fairy garden 1

 After revamping the fairy garden a bit, I remembered that I purchased some fairy lights for it a while back, so I dug them out and strung them in my little tree.  Here is a shot I took a little later in the evening to try and get the lights to show up.

fairy garden 2

For those of you who are new to my blog, my fairy garden is in a cracked bird bath.  It no longer holds water so I decided it would make an excellent fairy garden container.  You can see what it looked like last year here.

I do have a fairy in residence.  Can you see her there in the very front hiding under the hosta?

fairy in the garden

The rest of my weekend was spent prepping for my upcoming Carriage House sale!  I worked on a couple of fun projects that I’ll share with you over the next few days, so stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “hale, page and diamond lake.

  1. What a great radio! I think you and I were separated at birth,,,I spent all day Saturday out and about looking for a vintage radio such as the one you bought. I would have snapped it up in a nano second, too bad we live hundreds of miles apart!


    1. Oh my goodness Barb! I almost hate to tell you this, but the lovely woman selling these had two more! I bought what I thought was the prettiest one though. What are you going to do with yours when you find it?


      1. You know, my husband asked me the same thing, but more in the tone of,”WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT?”
        Ha! And then he proceeded to walk a 60,000 sq foot antique mall trying to help me find one!
        PS I would like to put it on top of a cabinet I have in my dining room.


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