Nokomis 2016.

My sister and I had the best time last Saturday at the Nokomis neighborhood sales in Minneapolis.  We came home with some awesome finds.  Let’s begin with the craziest thing I purchased.

Nokomis title

Yep, an old dollhouse.  I need this like I need a hole in my head.  But I just couldn’t walk away from it.  There’s something about a vintage dollhouse that really speaks to me.  I’m going to hope that it speaks to someone else too, because I can’t keep it.  It will most likely end up at my Carriage House sale, unless someone out there wants to purchase it before then (hint, hint).

I’m going to clean it up a bit first.  Freshen up the paint, re-attach the doors and re-glue some of the wallpaper.  Isn’t it great that there is different wallpaper in every room?

dollhouse wallpaper

The details on this are just so charming!

dollhouse details

The gal who was selling it said it had been in the family for over 40 years, and it had even been used as a prop in a stage play at one time.  And it even came with just a few pieces of furniture.

dollhouse furniture

I’m planning to have some fun painting those!

I have to say that many of the things I found on Saturday were just slightly unusual.  In addition to the dollhouse, I also bought an old doll bed.  It has the most fantastic original paint job.

doll bed

And those little wooden wheels are just so sweet.

doll bed close up

I plan to add a shelf across the bottom, clean it up a little and possibly seal that chippy paint.  Then it could be used for a row of potted plants or it could be filled with books.  I might try it as a centerpiece on my dining room table filled with ironstone.  So many possibilities!

Another fun find was a big ol’ stack of vintage blue books.

blue books

I also came home with this old toy sailboat.


You might see it again in a photo shoot or two coming up!

But ‘find of the day’ status at Nokomis definitely goes to my sister who spotted this vintage croquet set ahead of me.

Nokomis find of the day

It is fully intact with a complete set of balls and everything!

croquet balls

 Did any of you get out to some sales last weekend?  What was your ‘find of the day’?

I’d love to know!

13 thoughts on “Nokomis 2016.

  1. Linda, your finds are so great. About a month ago I also found a doll bed very similar to yours, in pink, but missing a couple of the wooden wheels. I have been racking my brain on where to find replacements – I keep hoping that one of the junky garages in an estate sale will have something to use. My doll bed has wrapped wire across the bottom in the space where you put a mattress, but it’s not in great shape. I also love the sailboat and your sister’s croquet set, it’s amazingly intact and pretty much pristine. Good job, sisters!


  2. Wow…the doll house is fabulous! I know you’ll find a home for it without any problem. And the croquet set is a find too…love the patina. It was a beautiful day…we were at Back to the Fifties, and enjoyed the day walking around the fairgrounds.


  3. Hi Linda and Debbie !! I went to that sale also. Filled my van. I was two minutes too late on purchasing this cool ornate organ piece with carvings ! Had a fun day!


    1. I bet Debbie and I didn’t even make it to half of the available sales. We filled up her SUV and had no more room. Sometimes it best to just call it quits at that point because it gets to be frustrating continuing to find things, but not having room for them in the vehicle! I saw a great pair of vintage metal garden chairs for $5, but had to pass on them. Nokomis was definitely the place to be last Saturday!


  4. Years ago, the now defunked Coutry Home magazine, did a Halloween cover using an old dollhouse transformed into a Haunted House. I was enamored – I am never into ghoulish stuff for Halloween and that dollhouse still hangs in the corner of my mind. I always look for one when combing garage sales. I think you won the mother lode of doll houses! I spent a couple of hours yesterday searching for that Country Home cover but to no avail. All in all looks like you two made out like bandits!


  5. I have a serious “thing” for doll houses and all things miniature- I will be first in line for that doll house at your sale!!!! Can’t wait!!


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