plastic spoons and fake tattoos.

The Armitage and Kenny neighborhoods of Minneapolis always have their neighborhood garage sale on Memorial Day weekend.  Crazy, right?  And I usually go.  Even crazier.  This year my sister came along to share the fun.  Since it’s a holiday weekend, it is usually a very laid back, quiet sale.  Minimal traffic, plenty of street parking available, not a lot of shoppers.  It’s a different feel altogether from some of the other neighborhood sales.

armitage kenny

That being said, this year the pickin’s were pretty slim indeed.  An hour in and all I’d purchased was a bag of plastic spoons (for mixing paint), and some fake tattoos!

I’m not kidding about the fake tattoos.  I told Debbie she had to get one to show she’s a  Minnesotan now, and she said that I had to get one too then.

tattoo collage

So we paid $1 each for faux tattoos.

But just as I was joking about how ‘plastic spoons and fake tattoos’ was going to make for a great blog post title, we pulled up to a house with a lawn full of furniture.  Most of it ended up being fairly unappealing, but Debbie honed in on the large table with chunky legs.  She’s looking for a table for the craft room she’s setting up in her new apartment.  This table was the perfect size, it was quite solid, and if you looked past the shiny orange finish, it could be doctored up to pass for a pretty fab farmhouse style table.  Best of all, the table plus two matching benches was $10!  Yep, you read that right, $10 for all, making it our find of the day!

Aside from that, the only other item of note is the shabby chic chair.  I just love the details on this chair.

shabby chair

Initially I was going to leave the chair as is, but the more I think about it, I might have to paint it.  I may put it in my sale as is, and then if it doesn’t go, I’ll paint it.

That’s all I have for today folks!  Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day.  Here in Minnesota it is supposed to be another rainy day and I plan to spend it in the Carriage House prepping for my upcoming sale!

12 thoughts on “plastic spoons and fake tattoos.

  1. The tattoos were a buck and the table and benches were $10. Now that is some interesting commerce going on. Happy Memorial Day to you as well.


      1. About 18 hours for me. We put them on Sun evening and mine was gone by lunch time on Monday.


  2. I have been admiring your furniture for on FFF for a while. Just started following your blog and didn’t realize we were neighbors! Love your house.


      1. My husband went to Armatage Elementary, and my oldest went to Kenny Elementary. But we just moved to the burbs. I live in Plymouth now as of a few months ago. I miss my 1921 house. I am trying to make my vintage style work in a house built in 2000.


      2. Oh, I bet you do miss that house! Armitage/Kenny is such a cute neighborhood. But I’m sure you are bringing some vintage style to Plymouth! I am actually in Oakdale, way on the other side of the cities, a suburb also. But my house was built in 1904 and was originally a farmhouse until the cities started to sprawl around it. But every time I go to a fab Minneapolis neighborhood sale I wish I lived in a cool neighborhood!


      3. LOL. I was wondering if you were going to take exception to that comment. We have a small pocket of coolness on our street!


  3. Whoa…10 bucks!!!! Great score! The chair is so unique, I can see a white and gray union jackish feel… Love it!!!


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