my obsession with vintage cameras (giveaway).

My obsession with vintage cameras continues.

my obsession with vintage cameras

On Saturday my sister and I went to the ECCO (that’s East Calhoun Community Organization) neighborhood sales.  It’s one of the smaller neighborhood sales that I go to.  This year they had 44 sales.  You’d be surprised how quickly you can hit 44 sales in a concentrated area.

This was their 44th annual neighborhood sale (44 sales on their 44th anniversary?  I wonder if they noticed that).  Holy mackerel right?  That’s a long history of sales.  Sometimes one of the problems with well established neighborhood sales like these is that you have a lot of ‘regulars’; people who hold a sale every year.  So either they have one little table with a handful of stuff, or they are selling antiques priced at antique shop prices.  One garage was full of silver.  It was gorgeous.  The husband had polished all of it and it just gleamed.  There were gorgeous serving pieces of every kind.  But sadly, not very many people are buying are buying silver serving pieces to use these days.  This stuff was probably bargain priced for silver, but priced too high for garage sale shoppers.

In the end, Debbie and I did not come home with much.  However, I did come home with five more vintage cameras to add to my non-collection!

I picked out these two because they had the flash apparatuses attached.

vintage cameras 1

And I chose this one because I’d never seen one like this.

vintage camera twin flex

I also picked up this one.

vintage camera case

I thought perhaps some of you may not know the little secret about this style.  If you saw this sitting on a table at a garage sale, would you pick it up?

Here’s what’s inside.

vintage kodak

Still not impressed?

Here’s what you see when you ‘open’ it up.

vintage camera inside

Do you know what happens next?  Yep, it telescopes out like this …

vintage camera extended

Now sadly, this one is not in good shape.  The bellows is completely stuck inside the case.  It should look like this …

vintage camera with bellows

I’m debating scavenging parts from the damaged camera to make a necklace.  Check out {this necklace} by A Mark In Time to see my inspiration for that plan.

But in the meantime, I have loaded my new cameras into the cabinet on my front porch.

vintage camera collection

And it’s getting pretty full, which means it’s time to refine my collection (check out {this post} to see how the cabinet looked just a little over a year ago).  Some of the extras will make their way into my fall Carriage House sale, but I thought it would be fun to also share the wealth with you guys!

I happen to have two of these Kodak Duaflex cameras.

vintage kodak duaflex

So I am going to give one away.  All you have to do to be eligible to win is leave a comment on this blog post (Facebook comments do not count) by Friday, June 10 at the stroke of midnight.  I will draw a name from the list of people who commented and the lucky winner will receive the camera.  Thus I will be able to transfer my obsession with vintage cameras on to someone new!

Best of luck!

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