bryn mawr.

We look forward to the Bryn Mawr neighborhood sale every year.  Probably because it’s the first big Minneapolis neighborhood sale of the season.  And also because we always come home with a truck load of goodies.

bryn mawr 2

This year we had the truck filled by 10 a.m.

bryn mawr truck

Now most people might have called it quits when the truck was full, but not us.  We are gluttons for punishment.  And sad thing is, we found almost nothing else after 10 a.m.  We may as well have gone home and taken naps after that.

But still, it was a fantastic day.  We are more than happy with our finds.

bryn mawr 1

 It was a vintage luggage-palooza!  All of the suitcases came from one sale.  These days prices have gone up on vintage suitcases.  Sadly, I think the days of finding them for $3 each are long gone.  But this seller gave me a package deal on 4.  Now I have to decide, do I leave them as is, or do I paint them?  Any thoughts?

2014 spring blog8I know this dresser and desk combo will be painted!  No question there.  It’s just a matter of what colors.  I won’t keep them as a matched set.  If you’ve read my blog for long, you’ll know that I am opposed to matched sets of furniture.  Likely these two will go to separate homes, and they will be painted different colors.

2014 spring blog9So, now I seriously need to get crackin’ and paint some furniture!  It’s going to be sunny and warmer here today, so maybe I can actually get a few pieces painted in the Carriage House!

13 thoughts on “bryn mawr.

  1. It sure makes a body feel good when they go to a sale like this and get LOADED! Did the same thing myself here in my ‘hood! Love your finds! Can’t wait to see what you create!


    1. Yippee! I’m glad you guys say to paint! I kind of want to paint them all, but I was feeling a tad guilty about it. I have to tell you though, the turquoise one does not look nearly as good in person as it does in the picture. It may have to get painted too!


  2. I collect suitcases myself – only vintage and only leather. I can so see those painted. Look forward to seeing it all Quandized!


    1. You know, the guy who sold me these suitcases also had a vintage leather case. Clearly I should have nabbed it. The thing is, I usually am so focused on thinking in terms of items that I can upcycle/paint/refurbish that I forget to think about items that I can just resell as is. Then later (like now) I am kicking myself because I didn’t buy them! What was I thinking?!


  3. I have a great marbled gray suitcase that I did nab for $1 I think. I’ve had it at the store and it hasn’t sold but I can’t bring myself to paint it yet.


  4. I hosted a sale at Bryn Mawr! I tried hosting in Stillwater last year, but there isn’t the traffic or the “festival of sales” as they call it 🙂 Anytime there are food trucks, you know it’s a serious sale. Of course I keep all the cool vintage stuff for myself and only sell my 3 boys wares, but I would’ve loved to run into you! Nice haul. I use all of my suitcases for storage just as is, but I do love when they are re-purposed into cool tables with vintage stools, etc. That may be fun to try.


    1. Did you see the lines at the corn dog truck!! We just couldn’t do it. The sales were calling our names, no time to wait in that line. Wish we had run into you! Do you think you’ll be there again next year? If so, we should make sure we know where you are.


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