bryn mawr, 2015.

Every spring I really look forward to the neighborhood garage sale season.  It kicks off with Bryn Mawr, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Minneapolis.  This last Saturday dawned bright and sunny.  It was gorgeous, which sounds like a good thing.  But what that actually meant was that Bryn Mawr was mobbed.  Everyone was out enjoying the fab weather.

I was out there with them and I brought home some goodies.

bryn mawr

The best find of the day was the aqua phone.  Isn’t it awesome?  And it cost me a quarter!

aqua phone

I loved the patina on this copper planter.


I’ve decided to add some more vintage books to my photo prop stash and I found some great ones in my colors.

bryn mawr books

Are you sensing a theme here?  I had more than one person comment on how pretty the colors were in my cart.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these folding chairs, but they fit in with my color story.

bryn mawr chairs

I may try to recover the seats with some pretty vintage fabric.

I also found a couple of awesome metal boxes.  The red one is perfect as is.

toolbox collage

And its rusty companion has already gotten a paint job using Fusion’s Laurentien.

aqua toolbox

I didn’t get photos of all of my buys.  I also brought home a gorgeous sisal rug in perfect condition for $20, and a really cool wrought iron window box.  The home owner who sold it to me said she pulled it off her 1940’s bungalow when they replaced the siding and decided not to put it back up.

So now I’ve gotten my feet wet and I’m sure the spring garage sale season is only going to get better from here!

12 thoughts on “bryn mawr, 2015.

  1. Love all your great finds. Love that aqua phone how sweet it that little treasure.
    Have a great start to the new week.


  2. Quite a haul you snagged there – omg the phone I had one in pink that ushered in a ton of memories. Love your color palette! I always scour the old books too they add such history and texture to a vignette. Well done – so are you flipping some of these finds are the carriage sale?


    1. I am planning to hang on to the phone and the books for a while. They will make great photo props. I wasn’t initially going to keep the copper planter, but I brought home a potted hydrangea last night and it looks awesome in the planter, so for now that is mine too. The rest will all likely make there way into the Carriage House sale!


  3. Now I’m extra bummed I missed that sale! Those are great finds…that phone! I will totally take the laurentian box for 22 cents 😉 Love it all!


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