hello fall.


There really aren’t any great ‘sayings’ for fall.  It’s not like Christmas, which has a bazillion; ‘be merry’, ‘peace on earth’, ‘let it snow’, blah, blah, blah.  I’ve seen ‘happy fall y’all’, which is so not me.  Let’s face it, a Minnesotan can’t really pull off y’all.

But the simplicity of ‘hello fall’ really appeals to me.  I can get behind that one.

So much so that it has inadvertently become the theme for our upcoming Carriage House Sale!

It started with a simple chalkboard …


Then came some toolboxes.


The reddish-orange one is one that I chose to leave in its original color.  I thought it would work nicely with some fall mums.


The second toolbox is painted in another of Fusion’s new colors, Mustard, the perfect color for fall.  I have to warn you, this one might not make it all the way to the sale.  My co-worker Jodie has been eyeing it up so I’m pretty sure she’ll be nabbing this one from me.


I added the wording to the toolboxes using my Cricut machine and some adhesive vinyl.  I love how it turned out!

So then I had to add some ‘hello fall’ messages to old plates.


It was a no brainer to spell out ‘hello fall’ in vintage blocks.


Finally, I threw together a couple of ‘hello fall’ book page banners.


So, in other words, we are going to be more than ready to say hello to fall at the Carriage House Sale on Saturday!

12 thoughts on “hello fall.

  1. Very cool love both the tool boxes. I would nab the reddish orange one for my porch. I have a friend who purchased a Cricut this summer I am definitely going over to try it out.


    1. I found the Cricut to have a bit of a learning curve. But then, I feel that way about every techie thing I’ve ever purchased. But once you get the hang of it, you can do some fun things with it.


  2. You have captured fall so beautifully with your photography and your creative works! It’s all gorgeous! I know you will do well at your sale! Smiles!


    1. It does cover beautifully. The other really impressive quality (in my opinion) is that once it’s cured, you can scrub it clean. It takes a few weeks to fully cure, but once it does it is very durable.


  3. Thank you so much for the boycott on “y’all”, I may live in Missouri, but those words do not leave my mouth! Good luck with the sale!


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