laundry day.

Do you have a designated laundry day at your house?  Or do you constantly do laundry all week long?  As much as I hate to admit it, I am a creature of habit.  I almost always do my laundry on Sunday.  Especially in warmer weather when I can hang things on the line to dry.

Last Sunday was no exception, but this time I added in a load of vintage linens that were being prepped for the Carriage House Sale.  I like to soak my linens overnight in Oxyclean and then wash them on the delicate cycle.  I hang them on a bright and sunny day and leave them on the line all day.  Sunshine is a natural white brightener!


We’ve got a load of pretty linens this year for the sale, but please do not steal any of them!


I am a big fan of embroidered dish towels.  My mom used to make sets of these with the days of the week.  I like to use them, not just set them about for display.


Sue has been busy stitching up some fun things like these darling Christmas stockings made from an old tablecloth.  She’s only charging $6 each for these, I bet they will get snatched up in no time!


She also used embroidered table runners to dress up some pillows.


Isn’t the embroidery on these sweet?  I am always drawn to anything with bluebirds!


We also have some colorful 40’s tablecloths.  This one has definite ‘farmhouse’ appeal …


Funny, but the colors in it are very similar to the new line of Fusion paint colors.  I see Mustard, Cranberry and Bayberry.

And this sweet chenille baby blanket is totally adorable.


Prefer more earthy tones?  Maybe these are more your style …


All of these fabulous linens and more will be available on Saturday!  Will we see you there?

14 thoughts on “laundry day.

  1. Oh how I love old linens. I have a very large stash, since I can’t walk away from them at an estate sale. Yours are lovely and the Christmas stockings are my favorites! I have been really enjoying your frequent posts on the makeovers for the carriage sale – so many small projects that are great inspiration and as always, your paint colors and ‘details’ added are very charming and fun. Good luck with the sale and thanks for being a creative muse for me!


  2. My laundry day is whenever hubby begins crabbing and refuses to accept any of my three options (1) going commando is all the rage these days so get on the bandwagon (2) you can have clean trousers or clean shirts but not both – either choice will get you an extended session in HR, or (3) socks are overrated since business shoes and longer pants make them totally unnecessary. You just can’t please or reason with some people!!!


    1. What about Option (4) Hon, today I’m going to teach you how to use the washer and dryer. I feel it’s my duty to prepare you for the eventuality of life without me. It’s just a stopgap measure until you find the second Mrs. Right.
      [or maybe just go with the 3 options!]


  3. Beautiful things, all of them. I wish you had an online shop for these kinds of things. Love that farmhouse table cloth. So many pretty linens.


  4. That 40s farmhouse tablecloth has my name written all over it! I’ve secured Saturday morning as “mommy time” so I will be there with bells on–can’t wait!!


  5. My mother had the days of the week towels just like those. My great aunt who lived in Utah sent something embroidered every Christmas. We also had pillow cases like the bluebird one now a table runner turned pillow. They are sweet and charming and totally take me back to being eight years old.
    I will be there Sarurday “in spirit” if not in the flesh.


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