painted suitcase class.

As promised, it’s time to plan a Painted Suitcase class!

painted suitcase class

I love a good painted suitcase and have done quite a few.  My all time favorite was my travel quote suitcase.

travel quote suitcase

That one was a little time consuming to do.  I printed the wording on paper, then used white transfer paper to trace the design onto the suitcase.  Then I painted in the lettering by hand.  It sounds tricky, but isn’t too bad if you have a steady hand and the right paintbrush.

But there are a lot of other options if you don’t trust your ability to pull that off.  This suitcase was painted black with MMS milk paint, and then I added the wording using a stencil.  Much quicker and nearly as fab.

painted suitcase 3

These next two suitcases were also painted using milk paint, and then stenciled.

painted suitcase 4

If you aren’t a fan of stencils or wording on your suitcase, you can always go old-school with a simple stripe.

carriage house dress form

Another fun option is to turn your suitcase into a chalkboard.  That way you can change up your message whenever you like.

painted suitcase 2

painted suitcases 1

All of these options and more are possible at my upcoming painted suitcase class!

To see more painted suitcase inspiration, check out my pinterest board.

Here are the details:

When:  Saturday, March 28 at 10 a.m. (class will last approx. 4 hours, but may go longer if we are waiting for pieces to dry)

Where:  Casa Q (that’s my house, which is in Oakdale near the intersection of hway 36 and 120)

What:  The goal of this class is to send you home with a fully finished painted vintage suitcase.  In the process, you will learn about both milk paint and chalk paint, plus the many different top coats that are available for them.  You’ll learn which pieces do well with milk paint, and which ones are better off with chalk paint, as well as how those products with react with different pre-existing finishes.  You’ll also learn some stenciling tips as well as some chalkboard tips.  Also, this just in, I have been provided with some samples of the new line of mineral paint from Homestead House (they make the Miss Mustard Seed milk paint) called Fusion.  I will be inviting you all to play around with this paint a little during class, and I’ll be sending each person home with a free sample size jar of the paint.

Included:  a vintage suitcase plus all supplies necessary to re-fab it, snacks and beverages.

Cost:  $115 per person

I only have suitcases for a maximum of 5 students, and I need a minimum of 3 to hold the class.

If you are interested, please send me an email at to hold your spot!


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