oil can photo holders.

I’m fond of old oil cans, is that weird?

I picked up a couple of them at garage sales this summer.


Although they were OK as is, I kept thinking about this fantastic bright blue oil can that I purchased a couple of years ago.


And I decided to try and replicate that colorful look.

I scrubbed them with dish soap first to cut any oily residue.  Then I painted them with Annie Sloan’s Florence chalk paint.  Once the paint was dry, I waxed them with a dark wax and then I added some Tim Holtz rub-ons.


Are you wondering how well the chalk paint is going to stick to an oily metal surface?  I wouldn’t count on it for an item that is going to be handled a lot, but for something that’s going to be decorative, and mainly just sit on a shelf, the adherence is sufficient.  You can see that my rub-on’s did pull off some of the paint.

Using a couple of small clips, I turned my oil cans into photo holders.


Easy peasy project, the next time you see some old oil cans make sure you grab them and try this!

14 thoughts on “oil can photo holders.

  1. Very cool! Who knew even oil cans could be charming? Are these going in the big sale? They are in your signature color palette so I am wondering if you can hold to these babies.


  2. I think we were separated at birth! I collect old oil cans as well! Along with old cameras, alarm clocks and Shiny Brite ornaments………..


  3. NOT WIERD AT ALL! I have a collection of them. They are just so cool and from a different generation of appliances, motors etc., when items weren’t so disposable . I Just love the look of them and what they represent .


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