ladies who lunch.

When I was a bit younger if you’d asked me if I wanted to be one of those ‘ladies who lunch’ I would have answered with an emphatic ‘yes’!

Who wouldn’t want to be free as a bird every day, with the disposable income required to meet your gal pals at fancy restaurants for lunch.  I could totally see my future as a lady of leisure.

But in reality I’ve pretty much had a full time job since I left school.  That was … um … egads … 37 years ago.  However, every once in a while I take a staycation and try to pretend for a week that I live that way all the time.  You know, I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that I’ve been off work all of this week!

But I should have known that I’m not really cut out to be a lady who lunches.  I’m much more of a lady who skips lunch to go to garage sales!

So yesterday my friend Meggan (a.k.a. the thrift doctor) and I headed out to the Roseville city-wide garage sales for the day.  It was a total luxury for me to be able to go to a neighborhood sale that started on a Thursday!  This was the second time Meggan and I have done this sale, we did it two years ago too.

Once again we had a great time and we managed to fill up Meggan’s SUV, and in fact Mr. Q and I had to go back later with our van to pick up this pair of twin beds that I found.

Aren’t they going to be amazing with a coat of paint or two?

I also brought home a mid-century piece.

Technically I think it’s a table and it has these clever little pop out leaves that make it bigger, but I think this would work beautifully as a desk.  The blonde ‘wood’ is all Formica, and the legs are metal.  I’m debating painting the legs … maybe?  Or maybe just cleaning them up.  Either way I’ll definitely clean the piece up a bit, stage it as a desk and then see if I can flip it on Craigslist.

I also ended up with a bit more mid-century glassware.

The crazy thing is that I first purchased the set of tall glasses with a matching ice bowl at one sale, and then found the matching shorter glasses at another!

Seriously, what are the chances?  Cocktails anyone?

I mainly purchased this gorgeous Atlas for the color.  It’s the most lovely shade of green.

But it also has some gorgeous blue and green colored maps inside that would be awesome framed.

I also found this set of books that will be perfect for staging photos, or for filling up a bookshelf.

Obviously I couldn’t resist this little doll sized dresser.  It’s the perfect shade of aqua blue, and you know I’m obsessed with miniature furniture.  Since it was only $5, it had to come home with me.

As for this toy truck, the fact that it was the perfect shade of “Millennial Pink” sold me on it.  It’s missing its cab, but hey, it’s a Ford.  I can see it filled with succulents, or maybe with some pink vintage ornaments at Christmas.

I brought home a few other odds and ends as well like this sweet little copper watering can and a perfectly lovely little Oxalis plant that was only $2.50.

I also found my Lula’s sister …

She may not look like much yet, but I’ll work her over and add some vintage details.  After all, the original Lula started out in similar shape to this and now look at her.

I found a few more bits and pieces that I didn’t have time to photograph, so all in all it was another successful neighborhood garage sale.

All things considered, I think I’ll stick with not being a lady who lunches.  It’s so much more fun this way!






27 thoughts on “ladies who lunch.

  1. Wow, I’m so envious right now! I have always wanted a dress model and I love the mid-century desk/table. You will have no problem flipping that. The atlas pictures would look great with the clip frames you did a few weeks ago!


    1. I love the idea of the maps on clipboards, but they are a bit bigger than your typical clip board. I’d have to find some that are oversized for that to work. Would definitely look fab though!


  2. We are “ladies who sale” 😉 I’d much rather spend the day squeezing in every last sale instead of eating/wasting time hahaha! Yet another amazing day with incredible finds! I’m so glad you got the pink truck, so photogenic. I’m loving this tradition! I’m going to go through my treasures today, but am planning on hiding some for birthdays and Christmas! I even saved the RV table for a Father’s Day gift! My bistro table and chairs are set up on the deck and perfectly sized. Thanks for spending one of your “staycation” days with me, it was a blast! Looking forward to seeing the beds’ transformation!


    1. That table is perfect for a Father’s Day gift, love that idea! For my readers: Meggan purchased an awesome folding camp cooking table. She sort of had to buy it right out from under the sellers because they were using it as the checkout table for their sale. But they were happy to let it go 🙂 Meggan also found an amazing little metal bistro set that she got a great deal on. I think she would have gotten an even better deal had she schmoozed the seller with Iowa talk before she bargained for the set instead of after 😉 Go Hawkeyes!


  3. Hi I would very much like to buy that colliers map book if you haven’t cut it up yet and you would resell it
    Thanks Todd


    1. We mainly stuck with the area south of hway 36 and east of Snelling. Although we did get to a couple on the north side of 36. There are over 80 sales spread out over Roseville, you can download a map here. Most of the sales go through Saturday.


  4. Great finds! The twin beds will look amazing painted. Also loved your little truck and filled with succulents would be perfect. Not sure on my own I would see purpose in it,


  5. Wow! You have really been scoring lately. I absolutely love the beds and can’t wait to see what you do with them. I am sure that it will be awe inspiring! 😊


    1. I know, I totally have been getting lucky with the garage sale finds lately. I feel like I should knock on wood or throw salt over my shoulder when I say that. Don’t want to jinx it!


  6. Even though I was a stay at home mom for about 8 years, I never did the lunching thing! I was too busy with all the things you do with kids along with running a children’s handmade clothing business. But one day a week about 6 of us moms got together for ‘work group’. Since we all lived in very old houses in various states of disrepair we would decide on a project at the ‘hosts’ house and all of us worked together to do things like pour concrete sidewalks, remove wallpaper, pull out old asbestos insulation, paint walls. We did all eat lunch together, so maybe that was kinda like ladies who lunch! Anyway, enough digressing, your purchases are amazing, I totally covet the small blue toy dresser and the MANNEQUIN- I have been craving one for a long time. Dang you are one lucky garage sales aficionado. Oh, I love staycations almost better than travelcations. But now I’m retired it’s a lot of staycation time. And one other small thing, the In a Pickle potting table sold about 5 days after I delivered it to my booth. The two benches sold the same day I delivered them. Thanks again for the paint!


    1. That’s fantastic! So glad you had such success with In a Pickle! And I love that your group of ladies did projects at each other’s houses, what an awesome thing. What a great idea!


  7. I just love your garage sale finds!! Rarely do I find anything like you do. As always, looking forward to your next post!
    P.S. I love the MCM


    1. I may be out of my depth here (who am I kidding? I’m way out of my depth! The first thing that occurred to me though, is that Q tends to drive by sales that look loaded down with kid’s stuff. If you, like many, are thrifting for the little ones, then you probably aren’t going to find much up Q’s alley.


    2. I have found that you have to go to lots of garage sales and weed thru lots of junk to find the treasures hidden among the trash. That’s why I love the city-wide or neighborhood sales. The sheer quantity of sales that you can hit in a defined area increases your odds a bit!


  8. Cannot wait to see how you tweak those twin beds they have so much potential. Love Lulu’s twin as well – I never ever see those when I am out. The MCM table/desk is just fab. I really like the contrast color of the legs. Unbelievable story about the glasses – really who does that happen too? I’m a book collector too.They do make great props and the green one is a perfect addition to your non collection of green books. Did you keep it? I saw the interested buyer.
    My husband would have loved the camping table Meggan snagged. I’m sure her guy is going to be thrilled. I tryed to get a vintage Coleman cooler for my husband but someone beat me to it. Do enjoy the rest of your staycation.


    1. I did keep the green Atlas. It’s not valuable, I found that there were several on for less than $20. So I won’t feel bad about slicing out some of those map pages to use as decor!


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