the l.b.d.


Every girl should have at least one l.b.d. in her wardrobe.  They are so versatile.  I’d say the same can be said about this l.b.d, or little black dresser.

It can go anywhere, bedroom, foyer, dining room, kitchen, living room.


This particular l.b.d. came from my friend Sue’s sister.  I seem to have completely forgotten to take a before photo, but it’s your basic oak serpentine dresser.

I stripped the top and painted the rest in Little Billy Goat’s Old Pickup.  I waxed the body with black wax.  I really liked the contrast between the lighter top and the black paint, so I kept the top light by giving it a coat of clear wax followed by a coat of white wax.  So far nnK, Ken and Mr. Q have all made it clear (pardon the pun) that they are not on board with this decision, but I love it.  To me the wood top looks pickled or lime waxed.


I feel certain that there is going to be a buyer out there who loves this top as much as I do.

I believe at some point in its life someone hacked an inch or two off the feet of this piece.  It was obvious looking at the saw marks on the bottoms, and the dresser itself seemed a little stumpy.  So I added casters and that helped immensely.


I used portions of two different stencils on the front.  I love the subtlety.  As usual, when I’m stenciling on black, I used acrylic paint in a dark grey shade.  It comes across as ‘white’ without being glaring.


How do you like chair no. 6?  This chair used to be in my kitchen, but I replaced it with a blue chippy stool.  I’ve cleaned it up, re-glued its joints, recovered the seat and it’s in the pile for my upcoming sale.


I have no idea why I chose to put a ‘6’ on the back.  I went through a number phase where lots of stuff got numbers added.  Six seemed like a good choice for this chair.


I have to say that if I had a need for a l.b.d. I would be keeping this one.  I absolutely love how it turned out.  But, alas, I already have a gorgeous l.b.d. in my guest room.  I really don’t need two.  This one is for sale.  Be sure to see my ‘available for local sale’ tab for more info.

18 thoughts on “the l.b.d.

  1. I cannot make a definitive call on the top. I would have to see it in person.
    I love the color – love the stencil- love the lines and the addition of casters. Nice one!


      1. I am sure I would. I am really glad you are doing these wood tops with the painted base it solves a problem for a client’s bedroom. We were doing all white furniture then she found the wood bed and bought it. This way I can still do the white on those chests and stain the tops to match the bed. Yours is really pretty. But no surprise there.


    1. Thanks Mary! This piece kind of evolved organically. I was planning to stain the top with a walnut stain, or at least use a dark brown wax, but as I was working on it I realized I really liked the contrast of a light top. I started with the clear wax and even that darkened up the top more than I wanted it to, so out came the white wax. And now I love it!


  2. Love it…i really like when the top of the piece is left natural. I can see this in a busy house, collecting mittens, scarves, hats etc, thereby reducing the winter clutter in an entryway. Great color and love the knobs…


  3. Love your play on words. L.b.d. and the dresser is adorable too.
    If you are the 6th chair are you always the last to be sat on?


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