stuff for the shop.

Now that I’m retired from the day job, and the holidays are over, I’ve been doing a little more thrifting.  Most of the items I purchase while thrifting get a makeover and then go to the shop where I sell on consignment, Reclaiming Beautiful in Stillwater, MN.  Reclaiming Beautiful restocks and rearranges their shop every Wednesday evening, so when they open on Thursday everything looks fresh (they are open Thursday thru Saturday each week).  I’m hoping to make it down there tonight with a load of goodies, so I thought I’d share some of what I’m bringing with you guys today.

Starting with this collection of 6 well worn wooden croquet balls.

My picker Sue found these for me a while back and I’ve been hanging onto them trying to figure out how to display them.  Finally it occurred to me that I could just find a cheap wooden bowl at the thrift store, paint it black and voila!

I washed the bowl with TSP Substitute to make sure I was removing any oils first, then I sanded it lightly and painted it in Dixie Belle’s Midnight Sky.  I sanded to distress and finished it with some of their Big Mama’s Butta.  Then, while I had the Butta out, I also buffed up the balls a bit (I was really tempted to title this blog post “buffing my balls with butta'”, but I was fairly certain that would be attract the wrong crowd).

Anyway, the bowl of balls is priced $24.

This next piece came from the thrift store looking like this …

I’m not exactly sure what was meant by that ‘dig it’, maybe there were gardening tools inside originally?  Regardless, I didn’t really ‘dig it’ as is, so I sanded it down and painted it in Dixie Belle’s Sawmill Gravy and added some bits from one of my favorite IOD transfers, Label Ephemera.

It would make a fabulous gift basket filled with French themed items.

Another fun idea would be to put some potted herbs inside.  If I had some, I’d stage it up and photograph it that way, but I’m fresh out of potted herbs.  I’m pricing the crate at $24, without the contents.

On the same visit to the thrift store, I picked up this little wooden tote.

I really didn’t care much for that handle, so I replaced it with something from my stash with a bit more of a vintage feel.

Then I painted the whole thing in Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth including the handle, sanded to distress and added a few transfers.

The black Flower and Garden transfer is one of with prima’s Classic Vintage Labels, and the flowers on the sides are from the Dixie Belle Vintage Floral transfer …

This little tote would be totally adorable as a gift basket, or even an Easter basket.  I can see it lined with faux moss and then filled with pretty Easter eggs.  Is it too early for Easter?

The flower crate is $18.

Next up, this lovely silver bowl.

It’s a little difficult to judge the size from that photo, but it’s a good sized bowl.  Maybe halfway between cereal bowl and punch bowl.  I love the embossed shield and crown.  I purchased this one at an estate sale last fall, not during my recent thrifting, but thought I’d share it here anyway.

I think this bowl would be gorgeous for a floral arrangement, maybe filled with peonies for example, like this smaller bowl I shared last summer …

The silver bowl is priced at $28.

Quick question for you guys; do you prefer to see silver freshly polished or with a bit of tarnish?  I’m a fan of the tarnished look, but I know it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  Would you have polished that bowl before bringing it in to sell?

Next up is another item that I didn’t actually buy at a thrift store recently.  This … um, I have no idea what to call it …

Spiral thingie?  Does anyone know if these have a name?  I suspect it is some sort of desktop organizing item, and in fact that is what I had been using it for on my desk at the old day job.  I brought it home with me when I retired, but haven’t found a good spot for it at my house so I’m going to sell it on.

It’s perfect for displaying some old photos, and it’s priced at $12.

I brought in a couple of buckets as well.

I shared both of these back in December and was planning to take them in to the shop, but just never made it.

Although I staged them up for Christmas in these photos, these buckets can be used in so many different ways.  I use one as a trash can in my home office.  They also look great filled with peonies (clearly I’m craving spring).

The buckets are priced at $40.

Another item I’m bringing in is this mirror with a transfer …

I posted this one here a while back and I still have it, so I’ll bring it in and hope it sells for $40.

I’m also bringing in this trio of vintage blue books.

Books in similar colors are great for introducing different heights to your decorating vignettes.  The set of books is $10.

Of all my finds at the thrift store last week, I’ve saved the best for last.

I’m just putting the final touches on this barrister’s bookcase and I plan to share it here on Friday, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

Finally, in case you are wondering, I do sometimes bring things home from the thrift store and hang on to them.  I saw this old flour cannister that had lost its lid and I immediately thought ‘tulips!’

I suppose that the look of delftware automatically makes me think ‘Dutch’, which then makes me think ‘tulips’, but it does make an awesome vase for this bunch of yellow tulips that I picked up at Target.  It’s a great way to add a little touch of spring to these bitterly cold January days.  And spring is just around the corner … OK, maybe that’s optimistic thinking for January, but a little optimism never hurt anybody, right?