a mid-winter thrift haul.

My friend Sue and I headed out for a little thrifting again last week.  It was a cold but sunny day, perfect for an outing in early February.

I came home with quite the haul.  I found a few metal items, a copper chafing dish, a pewter tray, some gold candlesticks and some silver pieces.

My favorite is the little footed tray.

I decided to give it a bit of a polish before taking it in to the shop.

I don’t normally polish my silver, I kind of prefer the tarnished look.  But this tray was a bit grungy so I decided to give it a go.  Now it’s shiny and clean.

These little trays are perfect as soap dishes in the bathroom.  You could fit matching liquid soap and lotion bottles on it too.  Or you could use it in the kitchen for olive oil and spices, like this one that I thrifted last April.

I also brought home a pile of wooden items that all went into the ‘to be painted’ stash.

I always enjoy painting stacking boxes like these.

These were particularly nice quality wooden ones.  It seems like burgundy and forest green might be coming back into fashion lately, but I still don’t like them.  You know my motto, never say never.  In a year or two I might be painting things burgundy, but for now I wanted to give these a more neutral theme.

So I painted them in Dixie Belle’s French Linen, Sawmill Gravy and Drop Cloth (bottom to top).  Then I added some re.design with prima transfers from both their Classic Vintage Labels and the new Middy French Labels.

When you’re out thrifting, don’t forget to consider the out of season stuff.

I snapped up these nautical items, but will hang onto them until summer and then bring them to the shop.  I do also plan to repaint those buoys.

I found quite a bit of glassware while we were out too.

I certainly wasn’t looking for glassware, but I was specifically on the hunt for items that I thought fit Dark Academia style.  Have you heard of it?  I’ve seen it mentioned here and there lately.  Here is how Wayfair describes it, “Dark academia interior design embraces dark colors, rich textures, and vintage-inspired decor. Dimly lit rooms with flickering candles, alcoves full of intrigue, and an eclectic collection of knick-knacks are not at all out of place.”

Reclaiming Beautiful (the shop where I sell items on consignment) is planning a dark academia themed window display this week, so I needed some stuff that would work for that.

I thought that I could makeover some of the glassware to have that dark academia feel starting with the cloche.  I painted the base in Dixie Belle’s Midnight Sky, and then added some I.O.D. transfers.

The bee is from their Brocante transfer, and the wording on the glass is from Label Ephemera.

I also added some I.O.D. wording to the glass vessel in the front of my haul photo.

That’s from the Traditional Pots transfer.

Last up were these 4 glass vases.  Funnily enough, I found all four of them at 3 different thrift stores but they all happen to match.  It makes me wonder of these are vases used by a flower delivery service or something like that.

I chose them because I like the shape and size of them, and because I knew these transfers from the I.O.D. Brocante set would fit them perfectly.

There are 4 different versions of this transfer in the Brocante set, so a different one for each of my glass vases.

My favorite dark academia find of the day has to be this Nefertiti bust.

She is perfect for that design aesthetic!

I don’t often find furniture that I want at the Goodwill, the stuff there is usually either cheaply made or badly damaged.  But I did find this small dresser this time around.

I think this is going to be perfect for another Wallcutz stencil project that I’m planning.  You’ll just have to stay tuned for that one.

I really wasn’t able to pick a ‘find of the day’ favorite this time around.  Nothing totally jumped out at me as the best item.  Instead I will end this post with the item I almost put back on the shelf.

Sue picked up that 500 Gr. measuring cup and handed it to me.  Initially I thought it was one of those World Market knock offs.  I actually have one of those that we use all the time in our kitchen …

So I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend a whopping $9.50 on another.  But I decided what the hell, might as well, and I brought it home.

However, my World Market version is clearly marked “World Market” on the bottom, and this thrifted one has this mark …

So, hmmmm, it appears to be the genuine article.

Now, do I keep it?  Or sell it?  Decisions, decisions.


12 thoughts on “a mid-winter thrift haul.

  1. Wowzer what a fabulous haul! You have hit the glass jackpot! The cloche with a great bottom are had to find thrifting. I love the shape of the dresser/sideboard piece. Looking forward to seeing their next best life 😉
    Smiles, alice


    1. Finding that cloche must have been meant to be. It was on the rolling cart of stuff still to be put on the shelves and it just caught my eye as I was heading to the checkout. Score!


  2. What a great haul! Love it all. And the boxes look so much better already! I didn’t even notice the details on them til you lightened and brightened them! And I agree with Cheryl. I’d love to see a photo of the window if possible! Love the mix of big and small on your blog 😄


  3. Hi, loving the Dark Academia Idea…and you picked the perfect colors and pieces for that. My professor in Interior Design always said …”some dark, some light, some dull, some bright” in every space. That was many years ago, but the most interesting interiors do have that in common. Hopefully the all white, and gray cave trend IS ending!


  4. Loving all the goodies you picked up! You have a great eye and style. What kind of silver polish do you use? I just picked up a similar tray that came with a teapot and creamer for $6 at the Goodwill! Very exciting 😊.


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