once in a blue moon.

If I do say so myself, I think I’m pretty good at letting go of the things that I create.  Many of you often leave comments saying that you wouldn’t have been able to part with this or that, and I know what you mean.  But for the most part, I am happy to sell my items on for someone else to enjoy.

But every once in a blue moon I finish something and realize that I don’t want to part with it.  Such is the case with today’s project.

I purchased an old wooden grain shovel (or at least that’s what I was told it is) at a barn sale last summer.  I paid a little more for it than I usually would spend on such items, mainly because it had the perfect surface for a stencil.  I was immediately able to picture it dressed up for the holidays!

Unfortunately, once again I neglected to get a ‘before’ photo … I’m going to work on being better about that.  If I had one, I’d insert it here 😉

I had purposely purchased the Rudolph & Co stencil (from Wallcutz) in a size that would fit on the toy truck that I shared last week …

and coincidentally, it also just happened to be the perfect size to fit on this shovel.

As you can see, once again I went with my black and white color scheme.  I painted the background in Dixie Belle’s Midnight Sky, and then stenciled using their Drop Cloth.

Next up I used clear wax on the entire thing, which freshened up the remaining unfinished wood without taking away from its vintage patina.

I hung it on the wall next to the cupboard in my piano room.  It works perfectly with the rest of the black and white Christmas décor that I use in that room.

Is it weird that I use a perpetual calendar as Christmas décor?

I know that a lot of people would be tempted to dress up the handle of the shovel with some greens and maybe some ribbon, but I like the simplicity of it without that.

Maybe I’ll grow tired of the grain shovel, and next year I’ll sell it on.  But for now I think I’m going to hang onto it.

How about you, do you have a hard time letting go of things?  Or are you more like me, keeping only the really special ones, and letting the rest go to be enjoyed by someone else?

20 thoughts on “once in a blue moon.

  1. I love the shovel!! I would hang onto it also. It is perfect with your Christmas theme. I do have some very favorite thing however, I do use things for awhile and then let them go, as my decor is ever changing.


  2. The grain shovel is adorable and perfect for your space, and I can totally understand wanting to hold onto it, at least for a while. And no, you are not weird for using a perpetual calendar as Christmas decor, especially that spectacular one. As for letting go, there are few items that I regret selling, but oh, those few do haunt me!


  3. The grain shovel isn’t something I’ve seen before. So cool!! I love finds like this! If its something common and easily found I don’t have a problem parting with it. I figure if I really miss it, I’ll do another one. It’s the unique items I have a hard time parting with. I’m a sucker for the small old china cabinets. (most have the fretwork inside the glass in varying conditions) I have four!!! :0 I hardly ever find the same one twice. I love your perpetual calendar by the way!! 🙂


  4. I love the shovel just the way you have it, no need for “extras”. I make and sell jewelry, many pieces made from upcycled, vintage supplies, making them one of a kind. I often find it difficult to sell particularly designs that turn out better than ever expected.


  5. I think the shovel looks fantastic, so great, in fact, that I would have decorated it with a stencil that could stay up all year. That is how much I like that shovel, I wouldn’t want to put it away…


  6. The shovel looks great and fits in perfectly with your decor just as it is! I just love that stencil and the ‘makes your nose glow’! Have a great first day of freedom!


  7. Love the shovel…never heard of a grain shovel. Your black and white decor is stunning. In your next life, you should consider being a picture window decorator, like in the old days. Remember all the cool displays they would have in the windows downtown St. Paul? Possibly, you are too young or were in Florida back then.. You have a knack for pulling together unexpected objects to make great displays….maybe a new career in staging model homes – now that you are retired from the day job, lots of possibilities! Also, love the calender….lol. Happy early retirement!!!


  8. I LOVE the shovel! Don’t stress over it………you can test your love for it when the season’s over! Store it away or sell it next year! Inspiring as per usual Miss Quandie!


  9. Love the shovel and the entire vignette. That cabinet is one of my all time favorite pieces you’ve elected to keep. This color palette rocks too. I love how subtle your decor is nothing in your face but encourages discovery of the other cool things has you have done.


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