birthday treats.

Believe it or not, one of the things I’m going to miss most about the day job is celebrating my birthday there.  That might sound a bit odd, I know a lot of people prefer to take their birthday off work.  But my co-workers have always been so generous about bringing in birthday treats, or planning a special lunch.

I’ll never forget my 40th birthday when my co-workers arranged to have me pulled over on the road just outside City Hall where I was presented with a ‘ticket’ for going 40 birthdays over the limit.

Gosh I have some fond memories of those days, it was always so fun to be at work on my birthday (right up until this year when it was just awkward since I’d given my notice by then and management wasn’t speaking to me.)

Another of my favorite things about celebrating my birthday at work was getting some fabulous gifts from my co-workers, especially the one from my co-worker/picker Sue.  She always finds the coolest vintage things.  But really it’s her presentation that is so special.

Remember last year?

This year was no exception.  She presented me with an old galvanized bucket full of a few of my favorites things like some ironstone platters, and some old books.

Aren’t the colors on these books fabulous?

She also included a salt cellar this year.

I’ve always wanted one of these.  Somehow it makes one feel so much more chef-like to grab a pinch of salt from a salt cellar instead of using a shaker, or even just the container the salt came in from the store.

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I’m about as far from chef-like as one can get.  But still, I love the idea of a salt cellar.

Of course, that plain wooden lid was crying out for some quandification.  So I sanded it down a bit, and then painted it in my favorite off white, Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth.  I sanded the paint to distress the edges and added a Classic Vintage Label transfer from with prima.

Easy peasy.

I filled it up with the salt that Sue also gave me, and voila!

I’m practically a real chef!

OK, really, not even close.  But it looks great on my kitchen counter.  And I’m going to feel like a real chef every time I need to salt my scrambled eggs.

16 thoughts on “birthday treats.

  1. Love all of these! It wonderful when co workers become your second family! I have a hunch you’ll keep in touch with them. Tomorrow will be a little bit bittersweet I’m sure but new roads are calling!!


  2. So glad you’ve enjoyed all your birthdays at the City! Your 40th had a great pajama party too I believe. I have pictures where we decorated a certain adult item to see whose looked the best. Lol. Those were the days when it was actually fun and people got along. It’s too bad poor management at the very top is so poor that you need to leave, but congrats on making the best decision for you and Mike. I see many more lunch dates in the future! Hope your birthday was still fun!


  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have made long-lasting friendships with some of you co-workers, and that is the best gift right there 🙂 Enjoy your retirement day, and remember to celebrate all the good things!


  4. Happy Birthday! That just shows that you made the right decision on your retirement when management won’t speak to you after giving your notice!!


  5. Happy happy birthday! Looks like some wonderful vintage goodies! Those to me are always the best! I know it’s bittersweet with your job. I’m so glad you can retire and still enjoy life!
    Smiles, alice


    1. Yep, I keep reminding myself that I have lots of years to come and won’t it be great that I can spend them doing the things that I enjoy the most! Such as painting furniture!


  6. When management isn’t speaking to you because you have decided to leave – you KNOW you have made the right decision. Congrats on your retirement!


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