milk and cookies.

Unfortunately, I neglected to get a ‘before’ picture of the pair of kid sized chairs that my picker, Sue, found for me last summer and I’m sharing here today.  Gosh, I’ve really been bad about that lately, especially with these Christmas items.

Anyway, I don’t have a ‘before’, but here is the after.

These chairs were a little bit smaller than the kid sized chairs I’ve painted in the past …

So the Christmas Farm stencil wasn’t going to fit on their seats.

I measured the seats of the chairs and determined that the 9″ x 9″ version of the Milk and Cookies stencil from Wallcutz would fit perfectly though.  So I ordered it a while back and had it ready and waiting.

I painted the chairs in Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth first.  Then I decided it would be fun to do one of the chairs in traditional red and green, and the other in a more neutral palette so that you all could see a comparison.

To give the design a little more depth, I added a shadow to the ‘milk & cookies’ wording on the neutral version using Dixie Belle’s Coffee Bean.

To accomplish that, I simply stenciled just that portion first in the Coffee Bean.  Then I moved the stencil just a hair up and over and stenciled the entire design in Dixie Belle’s Putty.

So cute!  And perfect for those who aren’t necessarily fans of the traditional Christmas colors.

For the red and green version, I decided not to add a shadow.

I wasn’t sure what color I could use that would look good, so I went without.

Still super cute I think.

They are the perfect size to tuck under the Christmas tree, and a great spot to leave out the milk and cookies for Santa!

I took these chairs into the shop back before I went to Disney World (gosh, that seems like forever ago now!), so I’m fairly sure they are no longer available.  But which one would you choose?  Traditional red and green, or the more neutral option?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

26 thoughts on “milk and cookies.

  1. I love your use of stencils and have been trying my hand at it. Mine are not clean. Could you do a post on how you stencil and get clean lines? Would really like to learn yor method.


  2. Love the taupe colored one, it is cleverly non traditional. But I think the red and green one will sell wicker, just because it seems more geared towards families with children who would put out milk and cookies. But I’m sure they both sold quickly. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Love the red and green but I also like the neutral! I’m sure both were quick sellers. These little chairs are so cute and just the perfect little accents. I have some that little bottoms still sit on. Do you think they could withstand some toddler traffic?


  4. Both are really cute, but I’m leaning towards the taupe. I love your technique Of moving it just a tad over – gives the stencil a nice depth. Wish I still had my kids wooden table and four chairs to paint!


  5. Yes they are super cute Miss Quandie and I think, in this case, I like the Christmas colors best! I don’t decorate with red and green at Christmas and this makes a perfect little touch 😀


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