keep on truckin’.

It’s Wednesday!  I’m posting!  And I’m not even retired yet!

But I’m anticipating having plenty of projects to share with you guys from here on out, so I’m planning to go back to posting three times a week starting now.  Hopefully I can keep it up throughout the winter.  Now that we’re both retired, I’m planning some thrifting dates with my buddy Sue (yep, in case I didn’t already mention it, both Sue and I are retiring from our day jobs with the same employer), so fingers crossed that we find good stuff for me to work on.

I picked up this wooden toy truck last summer at a garage sale.

I knew it would be a fun one to paint, and that I wanted to turn it into a Christmas decoration.

I took some measurements and ordered a Christmas themed stencil from Wallcutz in a size that would fit.  Last weekend I pulled it out of storage and gave it a couple of coats of Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth.

Then I added my stencil using Dixie Belle’s Midnight Sky.

You might recognize that design.  I used a larger version of the same stencil on my drop leaf signs.

You’ll be seeing it a couple more times before the end of the season!

I debated using the same red, green and black color scheme on the truck, but ultimately decided to go with a more neutral palette.

I used the top portion of the stencil on one side …

and the bottom portion on the other …

The number 25 stencil on the front bumper is part of another stencil.

I have to admit, I don’t find the black and white to be quite as festive as red and green.  But I’ve been known to decorate for Christmas in black and white, so I went with it.

The truck is open on the top, making it perfect to use as a table centerpiece when filled with greens, pinecones and fairy lights.

How do you like the nutcracker?

I just picked him up at Hobby Lobby for $5 (he was half off).  He’s meant to be a craft project, you’re supposed to paint him.  But I rather love him as is, so I’m planning to use him just like this.  Once I have my Christmas decorations up, I’ll share where I put him.

They had two sizes.  This is the bigger one.  The smaller one came packaged with some cheap paints, and I think was only about $4.

As much as I love this one, I am going to sell it ($45, SOLD).  So if you’re local and want to snatch it up before I take it into the shop, you’ll need to act fast and send me an email at

As for the rest of you, what do you think?  Would you have gone traditional with red and green?  Or do you like more of a neutral Christmas like me?

41 thoughts on “keep on truckin’.

  1. I’m normally drawn to the typical red/green Christmas palette but this neutral look is just wonderful! (And, congrats to your junking buddy Sue on her retirement, too!)


  2. I love this truck!! I wish that I lived closer!! I love it the way that it is. The stencil is perfect! I love that the top is open. Such a great piece! 🎄 😊


  3. You always have such great ideas! Congrats on your retirement as well. Meant to post that day I read it, but got sidetracked!!


  4. Love the truck…and the black and white Christmas stencil is perfect! Nice that Sue is finally moving on as well…I see lots of garage saling in your futures!


  5. Oh! You just lit a spark in me! I have a similar wooden truck – but it’s a logging truck. I have had it listed on eBay for a while (probably a year). I’m going to cancel the listing, paint it and put Christmas Trees on it. Thank you for your inspiration. Whoop!


  6. Oh Miss Quandie I LOVE it! The neutral color is sooooooo cute, really the best! It can be loaded up with what ever colors you want 😀 Is this Sue your “picker” Sue? How exciting! You are the maestra of the upcycle—the fact that you could “see” the darling truck that you ended up with waiting to be set free from that plain little wooden truck is an awesome talent! I think that you just don’t charge enough for your creations…….maybe I’m just accustomed to seeing price through Los Angeles lenses? Thrift stores around here have prices like fine antique shops! Hahahahaha!


    1. First, yes, this Sue is my picker/neighbor/garage sale mentor/former Carriage House Sale partner/and now soon to be former co-worker, Sue. She made the decision to leave the day job before I did, it’s just taking her a bit longer to break away. I preferred to quickly rip the bandage right off, Sue is slowly and carefully removing it bit by bit (sort of like torture). Anyway, as for pricing, I imagine it’s a bit of both. First, I’m in Minnesota, not L.A., so I’m guessing our prices are lower overall. And second, I tend to price low so that items move fast. It seems like every time I’ve tried to raise my prices, my pieces sit around unsold. I probably should work on figuring out the tipping point. I’ll add that to my post-retirement to-do list 🙂


  7. When what to my wondering eyes should appear…..a Wednesday post!! Made my day. Glad you are back “full time”. You know I’m a bit blunt sometimes and when someone asks my opinion I give it. Love the truck but red and green is Christmas to me. That being said, I love all of your projects.
    Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!!


  8. Of course as you know I am into the reds and greens for the holiday but I like the truck the easy it is. Anything could go in the top to spruce it up, even some candy canes.


    1. Did you know Olga that once upon a time I actually posted 5 days a week! That didn’t last long however. I think three days/week will be a good goal for now 😉


      1. Yes, i do believe in your 5 days! Not due to commitment – in a long run,it would kill anyone. But rather out of inner creativity that is bursting inside and finding it’s way out. Then each project becomes a way to deal with it, and daily posting comes naturally. I love,love, love your blog Linda – you have no idea how much i’m learning from you – not just the technical details, but from your taste overall. Thank you for sharing!

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Love the black and white, You can change up the look of it every year with what you put in it, so versatile! And congratulations on your retirement, looking forward to more posts from you every week!


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