for the record.

My friend/picker Sue found this little case for me.

At first I thought it was a makeup case, but then I realized it was probably used to hold 45’s.  Oh boy, that might really be aging me.  How many of you now thinking “45’s?  What is she talking about?”

But I bet more than a few of you will know exactly what I’m talking about, records of course.

That clear handle screams record carrying case to me, sort of like this one …

Although the shape doesn’t seem quite right.

I never actually had a case like that for my 45’s, mine looked like this …

It was so groovy.  Who else remembers these?  You turn that handle at the top and the blue pieces lifts off to reveal all of your 45’s.  I borrowed that photo from Etsy, so if you’re looking for one of these cases, they are out there!

Anyway, I don’t think anyone is going to use this case for their records now.  Especially now that I’ve given it a new look.

Let’s start with the inside though.  Unfortunately I neglected to get a ‘before’ photo of the inside, but it was a little beat up and tired looking.

I painted the inside black using Dixie Belle’s Silk Paint in Anchor.  Then I lined the lid and the bottom with some old scrapbook paper that I had on hand.

You might be surprised to learn that I decided not to paint the outside.  I rather liked that butterscotch sort of color and the original patina on the case.

So rather than paint it, I just gave it a good cleaning with soap and water and then added some I.O.D. transfers to it.

The florals are from their Floral Anthology transfer, and the wording is from their Label Ephemera transfer.

Oh, and the cute little crown is from their French Pots transfer.  I stole it from the goose …

I applied some clear wax over the case to give it a little protection, and then that was it.

I’m not sure what it is about that Lucite handle, but I just love it.

And I guess I’m not entirely sure that is Lucite either.  But it has a bit more heft than your typical cheap plastic handle, and it’s crystal clear which usually means Lucite.

But, for the record, I’m not sure if this is a record case and I’m not sure if that is a Lucite handle, but I am sure that it’s pretty cute now.

What do you think?

This little case is for sale, so be sure to check my ‘available for local sale‘ page for more details (sorry, I don’t offer shipping).

10 thoughts on “for the record.

  1. Ha! Flashback! I had the same 45 holder, but mine was hot pink! I loved that thing!
    I love how you decorated your case, what I may call a train case. It was used for your toiletries and also as an overnight case. I have a few, usually part of a suitcase set! They have all sorts of refurbished ones on Pinterest as sewing boxes, etc! Love it!


    1. Typically I would have thought this was a train case too, but this one is fairly small for that. And it also is made of cardboard and had a paper liner, so not super suitable for cosmetics. I suppose it could have been a super cheap train case, but I’m leaning towards record case for those reasons.


  2. I have a similar case that was my MIL. She called it a train case. It has faux snakeskin on the outside and I love it!


  3. The shape isn’t quite right for a record case, but it’s a cutie! I did have a regular record case, not a round one, but probably inherited (stole) it from my sister!


  4. Ok, we are officially old. 😡 I so had one of those cases but mine was in a “groovy” yellow, green and white geometric pattern and it sat proudly on top of my stack of Tigerbeat magazines. 🤣 Anyway, great job on the transformation. I agree that it was worth preserving the original patina and it works really well with the Floral Anthology transfer.


  5. I still have that blue 45 holder somewhere in my boxes of old stuff, with the 45s in it. The Osmonds, Heart of Gold, Jeremiah Bull frog and more.


  6. I love the transfer you used on this case. It suits it well. I still have that exact round blue record case full of my 45s. My sister had the same one only hers was gold. Those were the days. lol


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