out of the blue.

By now I’m sure most of you have seen the 2018 Pantone color of the year.


A choice that seems to have come completely from out of the blue.

As a Minnesotan, I should probably be embracing the purple.  Purple pride, Purple Rain, purple is everywhere here (just for fun, check out this flash mob video taken at this year’s ice castle and you’ll see what I mean!)

But no, I’m just not a fan of purple.  You aren’t likely to see me painting purple furniture anytime soon.  Although as I like to say, never say never.  I did use purple on a dresser I painted for my niece a while back and I did once paint a desk using Miss Mustard Seed’s Dried Lavender, so you never know.

However, when I want a little more color, for the most part I’ll stick with the blues.

I have yet to meet a shade of blue that I didn’t like.  The trio of chairs below are painted, from front to back, in Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in French Enamel, Artissimo and Flow Blue (I’ve included a link to the original post for all of the following pieces, just click on the green underlined wording to go back and see the full details on each one).

Fusion’s Midnight Blue is a gorgeous navy blue.

Homestead House makes a matching milk paint also called Midnight Blue.

Homestead House’s Maritime milk paint is a sweet blue that reminds me of the color of blue hydrangeas.

Little Billy Goat makes a beautiful shade of dark blue called Prize Winner.

I also used Prize Winner on the pirate desk (click on that link to find out why I called it the pirate desk, but here’s a hint, it has a peg leg).

 I haven’t used it in a while, but I always liked Annie Sloan’s Aubusson.

Sometimes I just create my own shade of blue.  This next dresser was painted in a mix of Miss Mustard Seed’s French Enamel, Luckett’s Green and Eulalie’s Sky with a touch of Ironstone thrown in to lighten it all up.

Miss Mustard Seed’s Eulalie’s Sky, Shutter Grey and Grainsack combined to make the gorgeous pale grey blue shade on the dresser below.

This washstand is also painted in a mix of Miss Mustard Seed colors.

Mixing Fusion paints to come up with a unique shade of blue is fun too.  My sister created a color we decided to call Lake Superior Blue, which is a mix of Fusion’s Homestead Blue and Liberty Blue.

 And now I’m looking forward to painting something in Dixie Belle’s Yankee Blue.

I have just the piece in mind, a lovely buffet that I brought home a few weeks ago.  It needs a little work first though, and my handyman Ken doesn’t work in the cold.  So it could be a while before I get to it.

But how about you?  Do you have a favorite shade of blue?  Please share in a comment.

22 thoughts on “out of the blue.

  1. I think you should challenge yourself and order purple and try it out. It is Minnesota after all and we love purple so I am pretty sure if you found the right thing to paint, you could totally do purple! (If anyone can do it – it would be you!)
    Hope you are feeling better!


    1. I am on the road to recoverty, but I’m taking another day off from the day job today to try and catch up on some rest and kick the lingering remains of this cough. Well, OK, and maybe to paint something. I appreciate your confidence in me, but I’m just not sure about purple tho 😉


    1. That was done using Fusion’s Transfer Gel and a graphic that I found on pinterest and then just printed backwards (your end result will be a mirror image of your printed graphic). If you go back to {this post} look for the link to print out more detailed instructions on how to use the transfer gel. Then, if you want this exact graphic, look for it on pinterest (here’s my pinterest graphics board). One of the great things about this technique is that you can print the graphic in just the right size to suit your project.


  2. Of course blue is my favorite color. I lean more to the darker blues. I like Liberty Blue and of couse the Lake Superior Blue, plus many others.


    1. I’m trying to think of a paint color I use that would match this description … not sure I can come up with one, but it would be a great color for a piece of furniture!


  3. Love a whole blog about my favourite colour! Fat chalk paint had a blue called ‘Navy”- it has been discontinued now but I used it on a large dresser and loved it. Thanks for a recap of blues and speedy recovery.


    1. Such a bummer when your favorite color has been discontinued. It happens to me all the time with lip gloss. Navy is such a hot color right now, I wonder why they discontinued it?


  4. Ive always liked blue too…I remember in the 90’s having an ivory background with baby pink and baby blue hearts wallpaper in the kitchen. Hearts everywhere … fun to look back, but I’m happy to see all the new shades of blue. Would be interesting to see if a Vikings purple piece of furniture would sell well here, but can’t imagine it would be fun to paint. Part of the fun is loving the colors you’re working with.


  5. I almost never veer toward blue for my own home. But I love MMS Artissimo and have toyed with painting my tv armoire in it. I also love Debbie’s Lake Superior
    especially with the touch of gold.
    Fun post hopping back and forth to view previous posts.


  6. I also love shades of blue. One of my favorites is Fusions Inglenook. Its a very beachy shade of blue and looks so fresh and clean with white.


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