curbside desk.

Mr. Q picked this desk up off the curb last autumn.  There it sat with its FREE sign.  Poor thing.

workshop curbside desk

I showed it to you in my post about the items lined up in my shop waiting to be painted.  The top was stripped, but otherwise it was in pretty rough shape.  Several of the drawer runners had come off.  Several knobs were missing, which was no real loss because they are quite ugly anyway.  I suspect someone started this project, but then realized how much work it would be, stored it for a couple of years in the garage, then kicked it to the curb.

But after a little elbow grease on both my part and Ken’s, the curbside desk has a new lease on life.

curbside desk 1

I had been hanging onto a packet of MMSMP in Dried Lavender ever since I saw how lovely it looked on the interior of my friend Lori’s shelves at the Round Barn.  It’s a gorgeous color, lavender, yet slightly blue, yet kind of grey.  If you look out there in blogland for examples of this color in action they vary wildly.  I tried hard to get the color to come across in photos.  I came close, but the color looks a tad more blue in the pictures than it does in reality.  I used MMS hemp oil on top of the paint.

Anyway, I had been waiting for the perfect piece to paint Dried Lavender and I decided this desk was it.

curbside desk 2

Isn’t it lovely?

I gave the drawers new glass knobs, and I think they help up the ‘pretty’ factor.

curbside desk knobs

Since the top was already stripped, and since I have set a goal of learning how to stain, this desk was the perfect candidate for a stained top with its Dried Lavender body.  After doing a little research, I picked up some Java gel stain by General Finishes.  Most of what I’d read online made it sound pretty foolproof, which is exactly what I needed.  Sure enough, easy peasy.  Brush on with a foam brush, wipe off excess, let dry.  That was it.

curbside desk top

Bam!  Gorgeous top.  I am already planning my next stripping and staining adventure.

The back of this desk is finished off as well.  I’ve sold a few desks, and often people are specifically looking for a desk with a finished back so that they can float it in the room, or allow the user to face out while sitting at the desk.  I like a desk with a nice back.

curbside desk back

I’ve staged my photos with some of the annuals I just picked up at my favorite nursery, Country Sun.  The tall purple flowers are Salvia farinacea in Velocity Blue.  I love the way these add vertical interest in a planter.  These are destined for the copper boiler window boxes on the Carriage House and Summer House.  Stay tuned for more on that later.

curbside desk flowers

I believe I shall hang on to this desk until my occasional sale.  Unless someone out there is interested in it now.  If so, feel free to leave me a comment.

15 thoughts on “curbside desk.

  1. I always look for desks with finished backs myself. This desk is beautiful now and it is wonderful that a solid piece of American furniture will have decades and decades and decades of life instead of going into the landfill. This furniture is good quality and I love it. I think the color is fabulous.


  2. I have to say the Dried Lavender color would be one of the last ones I’d choose…before I saw your makeover. It’s really a beautiful, smoky lavender color and in a girl’s room it can grow from little-girl-sweet to mature tween and beyond. I love that you finished the back too!


  3. Just found a moment to stop by and check out today’s post. You’ve got yourself another winner with this darling desk. And I agree “smoky lavender” does seems to suit this shade. I love salvia it I have some in my garden. It is grows as a perennial here but I thinking maybe it is annual in your part of the country.


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