another prize winner.

I have a small confession to make, I might have gotten a little drool on this one.  Yep, I kinda love it.

Let’s start with the ‘before’.

prize winner before

Not hideous, but let’s face it, that shiny, cherry finish is extremely tired.  Right?

The problem with painting over this finish is that it often bleeds through your paint, or is just plain tough to cover.  But I have the best solution for that, Little Billy Goat’s Prize Winner.

little billy goat paint 2

This is the most gorgeous shade of deep, rich blue.  I can’t guarantee that it always works to cover a dark stain, but I am two for two so far on this color (check out the post on the last piece I painted with Prize Winner {here}).

So, technically even though I didn’t win any prizes with this makeover, I feel like it’s a winner!

prizewinner 3

I used two coats of paint this time, and finished with Miss Mustard Seed furniture wax.

One of the saddest things about this dresser was that it came with only five of the 10 handles, and the handles are pretty fab.

prizewinner drawer pulls

They have a sort of ‘craftsman’ style vibe, don’t you think?  I love the geometric-ness of them, the circle inside ovals, with that horizontal line.  But there wasn’t much I could do with only five out of the necessary 10.  So I took them off, filled one of the holes and used some glass knobs from D Lawless Hardware instead.

prizewinner detail

I couldn’t resist using some of my lilacs in the photos of this one.

prizewinner 5

As well as my new Touring game.

prizewinner touring

If you are local and in the market for a gorgeous blue dresser, check out my ‘available for local sale’ tab to see if it is still available!

prizewinner collage


29 thoughts on “another prize winner.

  1. Love this piece the lines are classic and nice color choice. I neglected to mention last week how gorgeous those deep purple or is it plum colored lilacs are. No wonder you want to grow those.


    1. I did pick those lilacs for their gorgeous colors. And they are just covered in flowers this year, but too bad they then look pretty much dreadful for the rest of the summer!


  2. Beautiful! I love a good rich blue. My hutch in my kitchen is painted a similar blue, but a little more navy, I have had it for years and am not tired of it yet. I’ll have to look for that brand of paint, it sounds like a good solution for the bleed through pieces of furniture. The dresser is a great shape and I love the embellishments on the side. You are correct, the handles are really special, I’d save them for a smaller piece that only needs a few handles. Staging is excellent, too.


    1. I don’t want to imply that this particular brand of paint is better at blocking a bleed thru than others, I think it’s more a result of the color being saturated and dark enough to disguise the bleed-thru. As I said, I’ve used this particular brand and color on two dark stained pieces so far and it covered really well on both. So it’s definitely worth a try, but no promises 😉


  3. This one is sooo cool! Love the color and the handles are perfect. I’m not a painter, but I love to see the way you bring a tired, old piece of furniture back to life. It’s a beautiful thing for sure…


  4. What a beautiful piece! I have never heard of this line of paint, is it a milk paint or a chalk paint? The colour is gorgeous and the finish looks sooooo smooth! Well done! I hope you have a great day!


    1. Little Billy Goat calls their paint a “chalk style paint”, so I’m not really sure what the officially correct answer is to that question. It does go on similar to chalk paint, it distresses similar to chalk paint (sands off in a powdery way, whereas Fusion acrylic paint sort of rolls off, does that make sense?) and it does need some sort of top coat for protection. This is my favorite dark blue shade, I like it better than both Annie Sloan’s Abusson and MMS’ Artissimo. But that’s just personal preference talking.


  5. Love this color! It’s so nice on this piece along with the crystal knobs. Is there a retailer near you or can you tell me where to order it from? I have a reddish piece that’s just waiting for this color. Thanks!


    1. Reclaiming Beautiful in Stillwater, MN carries Little Billy Goat paint, however, they don’t sell online. You can also try the Little Billy Goat site’s “find a retailer” feature by clicking {here}.


  6. It’s beautiful. I love blue. This color is so rich. My daughter just ask me over the weekend to be on the lookout for a navy blue quilt bc she wants to do her guest room in navy blue and deep purple. It’s a beautiful combination.


  7. Oh this looks amazing! My friend and I just painting a kidney bean desk with this same cherry finish! We used a Amy Howard paint in Bergere Blue. It is very light and yes! Bleed through. Oh had we known to go darker we very well could have saved ourselves an extra 2-4 coats!!
    Outstanding results!! Love it!


    1. I also recommend using a clear primer that blocks the stain. I’ve got a cherry finish desk waiting to be paints, and I’m thinking about using a clear primer and then a lighter color on that one. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out!


  8. Hi Linda! I was in Hastings last week for a wedding, and stopped by Eye Candy Refined hoping to see some of your pieces in person. Super cute shop, but was bummed they didn’t have any of your furniture.
    Although I think you and your sister would enjoy where the wedding and reception was held. Are you familiar with the Old Log Cabin farm? From what I gather, they buy up historical (school houses, etc.) and nostalgic (Porky’s and Cottage View Drive Ins) buildings that are being torn down. They even have a replica of the Hastings Spiral Bridge, which you can walk cool. Don’t you love it when people plan outings for you?! haha Take care, Cynthia


    1. Yep, unfortunately I have pulled my stuff out of Eye Candy. They raised their commission rates, and I just couldn’t justify the additional cost. I have heard of the Little Log House Pioneer Village, one of my auditors got married there. I always thought they were just open for weddings, but I checked their website and see that they open once a year to the public. I’m definitely going to pencil it in on the calendar, you are right my sis and I would love this!


  9. Where can I order this paint? No retailers in my area! Love this color. I have an electric fireplace that I have been wanting to paint a denim shade of blue and this is perfect!! I won your drawing for goat sticks and would love to try the paint!


    1. Hi Cindy! Unfortunately, I don’t have an affiliation with any online retailers of this product. It doesn’t look like you can order online directly from Little Billy Goat either. I’ll do some further research though and see if I can come up with anything.


    1. Thanks Melanie! It’s Little Billy Goat paint. It’s not a milk paint, they call it a ‘chalk style’ paint. And actually they are headquartered somewhere down in your neck of the woods, Colleyville, Texas. Is that anywhere near you? I know Texas is a big place!


  10. I have to share that I am now the lucky owner of this beautiful work of art! It is absolutely breathtaking, and so far, the center piece of my new bedroom. I don’t think I will find another piece to go with it that will do it justice… although I am going to check back to see what else you are creating Quandie! Stunning, and I’m so proud to own this piece. Lots of oohs and awes from friends and family touring my new home. Thank you!


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