the midnight buffet.

Have you ever been on a cruise?  I’ve been on a few, but I rarely manage to make it to the midnight buffet.  I’m usually still full from dinner.  We’ve gone a few times just to look at the carved melons or chocolate sculptures.

But today I’m talking about a different kind of midnight buffet, this is a Midnight Blue buffet.


Here is where it started out.


I was rather undecided about those carved medallions.  Please share your opinion on those with me.  Are they hideous?  Or would they have been kind of fab painted?  Would you keep them, or take them off?  I really wasn’t sure.  So I decided to see how hard it would be to remove them.  As it turned out, not hard at all.  So I took that as a sign and off they came.

They left some glue behind though.  And although I tried my best to sand that off without ruining the veneer, I wasn’t totally successful.  If you look at this piece from just the right angle you can see the splotches.

But I moved on and painted the whole piece in one of Fusion’s new colors, Midnight Blue.


It is the perfect navy blue.  I’m so glad they came out with this color.  I have several chairs that I want to paint in this hue too.


I only used one coat of paint on this buffet.  I was going for a distressed look.  If I’d wanted really solid coverage I would have added a second coat.  I did sand the edges for that distressed look.


I swapped out the original drawer pulls on this piece for some grey knobs that I picked up at World Market.  I think they help give it a slightly updated look.

The top drawer of the buffet has a clever little tray inside for silverware (or whisk brooms).  I replaced the green felt liner with some navy blue fabric that I had on hand instead.


Have I ever mentioned that I have a stash of old whisk brooms?  It may seem strange, but I once saw a wreath made out of them.  So I started grabbing them whenever I saw them at garage sales and I think I may finally have enough for a wreath, but now I’m no longer so sure I want one.  The story of my life.


I particularly love blue handle on this one though.


I have a small confession to make.  Those leaves didn’t just gracefully fall on my buffet for the photos.  I raked up a pile under my maple tree and then sort of scattered them about over the buffet.  It was really kind of fun playing with fallen leaves.


If you happen to be in the mood for a little midnight buffet, this one is for sale.  Check my ‘available for local sale’ tab for updated info.

35 thoughts on “the midnight buffet.

  1. :::::hands on my hips and looking directly at you:::::: That’s it young lady! Go to your room and stay there the rest of the day AND you’re grounded for a month! If I EVER see you removing such gorgeous ornaments from furniture again you’ll be in even bigger trouble. Now get going and those tears aren’t working on me!


  2. My guess is if you left them on they would have been beautiful, but personally I don’t care for the overly ornate style so I think the buffet is gorgeous without them. I also always love the attention to detail you give the interiors of your pieces. Like a little surprise inside. Love the leaves too.


  3. LOL “not sure if I want one” now that you have enough whisk brooms. So funny. I totally agree with taking them off. Too fussy and kind of chunky (for my taste, but clearly there are opposing views!). The legs are ornate on their own. The color is beautiful! I have to try the Fusion. We’ve still had some beautiful weather to get things done, lucky!


  4. I like the less fussy style! And love the color. I really like black but this dark navy is a close second. This is a beautiful piece – someone’s going to be happy to have it!


  5. I actually prefer what you did with the doors. I love this style of leg and that is enough going on for me. But I tend to be a less is more gal. Nice piece well done. I think a wish broom wreath would so fun in the right place.


  6. I’ve gotta say, you did the right thing by removing those medallions. The before picture made me recoil a bit with all its fussiness–and I tend to like a bit of fancy on certain types of furniture. This one was way over the top, though.


  7. Oh no Linda, those carvings were the art and bones of that buffet I think. If I had posted that piece, people would have told ME “don’t paint that!” Sometimes when you paint those carvings, I think they tend to get a lot softer with the piece. I did like the “chunky” look of it. But I love everything you do (except removing those carvings!) Do you still have the carvings???? I would take them off your hands!


    1. Done deal Lisa! I do still have them, and would be happy to give them to you. I’m potentially coming into Reclaiming Beautiful this Sunday, I can leave them there for you if that works. I do agree with you that the carvings would have become softer and less ostentatious had I painted them. It is interesting to see that people have very definite opinions on this issue!


  8. The buffet looks beautiful even with the ornate pieces removed. The legs are so ornate that removing the medallions doesn’t take away much from the piece. I had to laugh about your whisk broom story. I do the same thing and by the time I collect enough items to do my project I’m not sure I want to do it because I like the pieces so much for their own character just as they are! HaHa


  9. Such an interesting range of comments! My first reaction was to remove them and allow the carved legs and other details shine. Love the color! Save those whisk brooms for your next sale…


    1. I think the range of comments goes a long way towards explaining why I couldn’t decide. All of those differing opinions were at war with one another inside my own head! I pretty much agree with everyone … which of course is impossible.


  10. Sigh…. there’s gonna be a lot of commenters confined to their rooms until further notice. It will take some time herding them all to the rooms but I’m up to the task. 😉


  11. I prefer the more clean simple look sans the medallions. But WoWzA I am crazy for all those whisk brooms.
    What a great way to display them. I need to pickup some more!


    1. Those poor whisk brooms had been shut away in my front hall closet while they grew to the proper numbers. But now that I’ve pulled them out and put them in cages, they are spending some time in my dining room window. I’m glad I finally did something with them, even if it wasn’t a wreath.


  12. My turn! I do like the medallions but I also really like the buffet without them. So I agree with both sides too. Love that midnight blue color but I am partial to blue.


  13. Beautiful colour Quandie! I think it would have been beautiful either way but some times less is more and this is certainly more! It is gorgeous and your staging is beautiful as always! Have a great day!


    1. Less is more on this buffet, but more is more on the one that you just finished. Love what you did with yours. If mine had also had such gorgeous details, I would have left them in place for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I love what you did with this piece, Q! From the color to removing the medallions—beautiful work! By removing the medallions, you gave it a bit more of a modern feel and that is “right up my ally.” I wish I had a lovely dining room that could support such a gorgeous piece. Again, great job!


    1. You’re probably right about that Darielle. If I had left those carved details on, I probably would have chosen an entirely different look for this piece. Maybe a chippy milk paint finish with the original knobs.


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