lynnhurst 2017.

Fall garage sale season is in full swing.  My sister and I have plans to hit the neighborhood sales every Saturday for the rest of this month.  So far, we’ve been finding lots of great stuff.  This past Saturday we went to another Minneapolis neighborhood, Lynnhurst, for their neighborhood sales.

Once again, we filled up my sister’s SUV.  As it turns out, people in Lynnhurst price their stuff to sell!

My sister and I each had one specific item we were looking for.

Debbie wanted some pretty dishtowels to put in a bowl that was going back to her neighbor.  I don’t think I mentioned this here, but a week ago Debbie had a house warming party at her new place and a neighbor brought over a bowl of watermelon.  Debbie follows the rule that you never return a container empty, you put a thoughtful little ‘thank you’ gift inside.

Sure enough, she found a set of pretty blue and white dishtowels.

You might think it’s … well … icky to buy linens like these at a garage sale, but these have obviously not been used.  Often times people have been given stuff like this as a gift and it’s not the right color for them, or for whatever reason they just never used them.  So they sell them.

The one item on my list was a globe.  Not for me actually, but for my co-worker Jodie.  She mentioned that she was looking for a globe to turn into something.  I’m not entirely sure what, but she is very crafty.

Sure enough, we found a globe too.

Granted, it doesn’t always work out this way, but you’d be surprised how much luck we often have finding just what we need at garage sales!

I also came home with a glass canister and a bunch of old blocks.

As well as some more vintage graters to turn into photo holders.

I also found this adorable whisk broom with an embroidered cover.

Have you ever seen anything like this before?  I hadn’t.  I just couldn’t resist it.  I’m going to try soaking the cover in some OxyClean and see if I can clean it up a bit.

My sister added to her Disney ornament collection.  She likes that they are Disney, I like that they are vintage.

She also came home with a fab mid-century ice bucket.

I found a pretty little side table that I’ve already begun to make over, here is the before photo.

But the find of the day was definitely this oak washstand (or as some like to call them, commode).

The drawer pulls on this piece are gorgeous.  I think I would have purchased it for the hardware alone.  But it’s also quite lovely overall.  And look what I found when I opened the top drawer …

It looks hand drawn to me.  Only the top drawer has this liner.  I’m debating whether or not to leave it.  Unfortunately it has some water damage spots.

Do I rip it out?  Or do I leave it and let whomever buys it decide?

Also, I won’t be putting the mirror back on.  These pieces make perfect nightstands, but not with a mirror, because a mirror would be weird on a nightstand, right?  I know it seems like a bit of a shame, but they are both just far more versatile on their own.

The mirror and the harp that held it on the washstand are really pretty though, and in great condition ‘as is’.  I think they would look amazing hung on the wall over the sink in a bathroom.  Especially since it has that towel bar.

I added some hangers to it and hung it in my photo cottage just to give you an idea of what that would look like.  I wish I had a fabulous pedestal sink to use as a prop, but no such luck.  Instead, I’ll share this photo from pinterest to inspire you.  I love the look of the darker wood with the white ship lap behind it.

So if any of you locals happen to have the perfect spot for a mirror over your sink, be sure to check my ‘available for local sale’ page for details.

We didn’t come across the washstand until one of our last stops.  The SUV was fairly full at that point, but I was determined to fit it in.  So there we were once again, unloading the contents of our vehicle onto the curb and packing it all back in around the washstand.  Debbie’s girl scout camping trip packing skills come to our rescue yet again!

Currently I’ve got three furniture makeovers underway out in the carriage house.  Each one is taking much longer than I anticipated.  So let’s all keep our fingers crossed that I manage to get at least one of them finished this week to share with you, but in the meantime I think I still might be able to eke out another five post week.  Be sure to stay tuned!


21 thoughts on “lynnhurst 2017.

  1. Fabulous finds! I love the blue and white towels Debbie found, along with her ‘return items with a little something in them’ policy! And of course the commode or washstand is fabulous. Looking forward to your makeovers.


    1. You might have to wait a bit for the washstand makeover, I’ve got several other pieces underway first. I’m starting to think about the coming winter and saving some of the smaller pieces for when I’m back to painting inside the house. But eventually you’ll see it here!


  2. Great finds and some fun too. If I were redoing a bathroom I’d have that wash stand and mirror as a vanity. Love the detail on that mirror. There must be something about sisters and packing cars. Once, coming home from a vintage flea market, I road over two hours with two lamps my sister bought on my lap bc the back of her truck was full. On another trip we wedged a large hall tree with a mirror in the back of a mini van (after the young man sent to help us said there was no way it would fit). Also, once we unpacked a large toy workbench out of the box in the parking lot of the store to get it to fit in my sisters trunk. It’s always more fun to have a “co-pilot”.


  3. Almost sounds like you guys need to be using Mr. Q’s truck. I guess you would have to worry about rain then though. Lucky for you Debbie has mad packing skills. I like her return rule too and love those towels. Nice haul. Look forward to another five for five.


    1. Funny you should mention the truck. We just traded it in on a cargo van (a Ford Transit Connect). The truck was so big that I didn’t like to drive it in the city. There is a fair amount of parallel parking at these neighborhood sales, and I never felt comfortable with that in the truck. And of course, you’re right about the rain factor too. With the van we don’t have to worry about weather, and it’s much easier to drive. However, it’s also Mr. Q’s brand new vehicle and I’m letting him enjoy driving it for now. But I hope to break it in next weekend for a neighborhood sale that is a little bit further away.


  4. Looks like some awesome finds. I love the unique little cover for the little hand broom. It amazes me that someone took the time and talent to make a cover for a broom …with the and stitching and edging, but it probably was hanging somewhere and why not make it cute. Love the wash stand and table too. Thanks for sharing.


  5. How fun! Not only did you score but you get to do this with your sister. I love everything you both bought and can’t wait to see how you transform them all. I also love your sisters rule of never returning a bowl empty. What a lovely and thoughtful idea.


    1. I have a friend, Terri, who also does the same thing. Even if it’s just a bit of chocolate, she’ll always put something inside the container that she returns. It is a nice gesture, isn’t it?


  6. Hi Quandie …would you believe I have a “dry sink” like that ,no mirror though just the towel rod. Needless to say it is still an old oak finish, hmmm maybe I will paint it. It is not very pretty on the top, but I do love it. I am anxious to see what you do with yours. Love to Mom. Betty from Ontario, Canada


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