thinking outside the jewelry box.

Not a traditionalist?

jewelry box title

Prefer to think outside the box?

jewelry box top

Well, how about keeping your jewelry in an old tackle box?

jewelry box inside

I painted this old metal tackle box back in October when I had some friends over for a painting party.  I hadn’t done anything with the inside though, so recently I decided to line it with pretty paper and feature its potential use as a jewelry box.

jewelry box earrings

For Christmas this year Mr. Q gave me a giant cutting mat and a rotary cutter.

jewlery box cutter and mat

I thought these tools would be handy for cutting vintage wallpaper to use on furniture, and also for cutting fabric liners for the insides of drawers.  I pulled them out to give them a test drive for this project.   However, as it turns out they were overkill this time.  I found that it was just easier to use my Creative Memories paper trimmer since the October Afternoon paper I was using was 12″ square (anything larger than 12″ won’t fit in this trimmer).

jewelry box CM cutter

I’m sure my new mat and cutter will come in handy for projects using larger pieces of wallpaper or fabric, but for today I was easily able to cut my scrapbook paper on my old trimmer.

jewelry box watches

I just measured and cut each piece of paper and placed it inside, it’s not adhered to the bottom.  This way if it gets yucky it can be easily changed out.

Have you heard of MantraBands?  I purchased mine a little over a year ago.  If I need a reminder to dream bigger, live in the moment, or even just to breathe, all I have to do is look at my wrist!

jewelry box bracelets

I bet there are plenty of other great ideas for using old tackle boxes.  Got any that you want to share?


15 thoughts on “thinking outside the jewelry box.

  1. I love the juxtaposition of hard and soft, masculine and feminine, tackle box and pretty paper…I could go on 🙂 A little January project that inspires organization in a unique and charming way.


  2. Fabulous darling! These boxes would be great for storing your glue gun and glue sticks (currently that’s whats in mine…although mine is a smaller, no compartment box). I could see my grandaughter using it for her American Girl doll accessories, such as shoes, boots, sunglasses, ribbons, etc. Love it!!!


  3. Back in the day when I had polish on my nails and not paint, I use to store all my mani-pedi, polishes, etc. in it. My daughter’s little friends loved it when I brought out the box … their moms, not so much! haha


      1. Cynthia, I checked out your blog and noted that your husband was into repairing old clocks. I studied Horology several years ago, mostly because I wanted to know how a clock worked, I learned enough to understand how meticulous and patient your husband must be, as well as able to focus on amazing details. Please let him know that his skillz are noted by one who knows.


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