coming soon.

You may remember that when we had our upstairs floors refinished we also made the decision to swap Mr. Q’s study with the guest room.  Prior to this, Mr. Q’s study was in the smaller room and the guest room was the larger room.  That set up really didn’t make a whole lot of sense for us.  After all, Mr. Q uses his study nearly every day and the guest room got used about once a year.

As an added bonus, swapping the rooms gave me an excuse to completely refurnish the guest room.  The furniture from the larger room was not going to fit in the smaller room.  But I’m giving myself permission to take it slow on this makeover.  I’m taking the time to find just the right antique bed frame and just the right light fixture, both of which need to be at bargain basement prices because I’ve run out of money for this project.

First things first though, I painted the walls white (using left over paint from the faux shiplap wall in my master bedroom).  I wanted the room to be nice and bright, and I also want to be able to switch the colors in the room on a whim.  Next I added the chippy farmhouse cupboard that I painted last winter using Homestead House milk paint in Laurentien.

I had this cupboard listed on Craigslist for months and it simply didn’t sell.  I had a few inquiries on it, but somehow they always fell through.  Maybe it was fate telling me that this piece was meant to stay with me.

The sweet little crocheted dress was made by my grandmother for my mom when she was little.  I shared it here on the blog once before back in August 2014.

Yep, that’s my mom wearing the dress.

When we refinished the floors upstairs we had to clear everything out of our closets, which led to a big purge of stuff we didn’t need to hang onto anymore.  My wedding dress ended up in the trash can (it was totally yellowed and ruined), but when I pulled this little dress out of the closet I decided to display it for a while.

I had initially talked about keeping my pretty floral plates in the master bedroom, but they didn’t work in there at all.  So I moved them all into the guest room.  I had enough to fill the entire space on the wall above the cupboard.

I also moved my vintage blue typewriter into the room.

As well as some blue toy phones and a few Rachel Ashwell books.

I plan to use the chippy white stool that used to be in our master as a bedside table in the guest room.

Hopefully the rest of the room will be coming soon.  I’m keeping an eye on Craigslist for the perfect bed, I have a fun idea for a window treatment and I’m searching for a budget friendly light fixture.  Be sure to stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “coming soon.

  1. That dress is so cute! Your Mother looks so precious in it! So Shirley Templesque! Can’t wait to see your guest room!


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