the day for chairs.

This year has pretty much been a bust for me for garage sale finds.  I missed most of the early summer sales while gone on my trip and while helping my sister move into her new house.  I went to a few random sales in July and August, but didn’t find much.  But all is not lost.  There are a handful of good neighborhood sales in early fall so I might not have to write off the entire 2017 garage sale season.

This past Saturday was the 6th Annual East Isles Super Sale with about 40 sales and as an added bonus the neighborhood just north of them, Lowry Hill, added their own neighborhood sale with about 25 additional homes participating.  My sister picked me up bright and early and we headed off to hit the sales.

If you aren’t familiar with Minneapolis neighborhoods, both of these are stunners.  They are situated along the eastern shore of Lake of the Isles and they are filled with gorgeous historic homes.  My sister and I play a fun game while driving around the neighborhoods called ‘which house would you buy if you won the lottery’ (I know, not a very clever name).

The day started out slow.  We didn’t buy a single thing at the first 5 sales we stopped at.  But then things picked up.  I found two adorable kid sized chairs.

I love painting these little chairs so I pick them up whenever I see them at a good price.

Next, I spotted a trio of gorgeous old chairs that I knew would be fantastic painted, so those went in the back of the SUV too.

I also found some ornaments to add to my growing non-collection.

At that same sale, Debbie picked up a stash of these adorable vintage candy molds.

I hadn’t really looked at them closely until I pulled them out to take photos.  Each one is different and quite a few animals are represented, including a cat, a rooster, a pelican, a frog, a horse and a fish.

Debbie recently put up some open shelves in her kitchen and has displayed some blue canning jars on them.  She’s looking for fun things to put in the jars, and that’s where these will go.

By the time we ended up at the sale with these awesome bar stools, the back of the vehicle was already pretty full.

But I just couldn’t pass them up.  So we unloaded everything onto the curb and then reloaded more carefully so that we could fit them in.  We had to remove the headrests from the car seats to get it all situated, but we were determined.  I had to spend the rest of the morning with big rusty metal planter on my lap (and I forgot to get a photo of it) because there wasn’t another inch of room in that vehicle.

One of the sales we stopped at was donating all of their proceeds to hurricane victims.  Although we didn’t buy anything, we did make a donation and get a free homemade cinnamon roll which was delicious.  Our thoughts were with the people in Florida as we were enjoying the perfectly gorgeous day here in Minnesota.  One of Debbie’s good friends from high school (we both went to high school in Boca Raton, Florida) still lives in Boca and was on the road for hours on Friday evacuating from her home.  We were both happy to hear that she had arrived safely at her destination late Friday night and I hope that everyone else in Florida stayed safe during the storm.

Meanwhile, back here in Minnesota, it’s always fun coming home with a haul, and it definitely was the day for chairs!

Be sure to check back tomorrow (yes, I said tomorrow, I think it’s going to be another five post week!) to see what I did with one of them already!





19 thoughts on “the day for chairs.

  1. Oh what fun you had! I Love those barstools and am wondering what your plans for them are? I’d love to buy them from you if you’re going to resell.


  2. How funny Linda, my friend Susan and I went to those garage sales and had a great day ! I was sitting in those same barstools and really want to buy them but I just did not have enough room in my van so I had to pass them up 😞. They have a great European patina ! They also had a wonderful buffet at that sale and I had to pass that up too. That same sale is where I bought my animal hide also .That neighborhood is where I got my cool tricycle ! I could have taken pictures of every single house in that area , every one of them had great features .


    1. I wondered if you were there Lisa! I saw the buffet, and also had to pass on it. It definitely wouldn’t fit in the SUV. I debated making a trip back for it, but it was a little bit flimsy. Thanks for leaving those bar stools for me Lisa 😉


  3. I love the way you tell us the Christmas decorations are for your “non-collection”! Just keep telling yourself that. Lol We know a collector when we see one! Nice chair haul! How do you and your sister garage sale together when you both like the same stuff? I can’t go with my good friend because we like the same things and I always feel quilty if I get something she wanted as well. I go alone or with my excellent assistant, my hubby. He is better at it than me. He got a really old set of wooden golf clubs this weekend in a cool golf bag. Just gonna lean them by my front door after some cleaning.


    1. Actually, my sister and I don’t really like many of the same things. And she has very little interest in painting furniture. I’ve tried to talk her into setting up her own workshop at her new house and doing some furniture flipping for a little bit of extra mad money, but no go so far. The golf clubs sound fab! I bet they’ll look great by your door 🙂


  4. I am must anxious to see what you do with the ornate chairs. As I bought six like them at an auction, and I do want to paint them, and at a quandary as to how to go about it, needs priming? What type of paint? I really am so excited to see what you do! Thank you! Love your blog and Facebook page!


  5. Every single thing y’all got is fab. Good eye. It is raining and a bit windy but South Carolina hasn’t seen any real nasty weather as of yet. Keep praying it moves out to sea.


  6. Great score! I can’t believe you got it all into an SUV. A+ on your packing skills! I can’t wait to see what you do with everything as you have mad painting skills as well.


    1. The kudos for packing skills really belong to my sister. She credits years of packing for girl scout camping trips. I’m sure we were quite a comical sight at the side of the road with our pile of stuff on the curb trying to fit it all in. It was like a giant puzzle. At the end there I stood with that one rusty planter in my hand and there was just no way it was going in anywhere except right on my lap!


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