welcome guests.

I’m so excited because my sister is coming for a visit!  She arrives on Thursday night, and on Friday morning we head up north for a scrapbook weekend.  On Sunday my niece joins us and then they are both here for all of the following week.  They are going to be doing a little job hunting in hopes of being able to move to Minnesota next summer.  My fingers are crossed!

guest room title

Meanwhile, since I had to get the guest room cleaned up anyway, I decided it was a good time to share it with you.

First, a bit of a disclaimer.  This room is near the top of the list for a makeover.  Even though I have painted this room no less than four times, I’ve never been happy with the results.  Currently the walls are a pale green, but they have to go.  This room is the most likely candidate for next winter’s makeover (every winter I try to fully makeover a room in my house, this year it was the Q branch).  I have some ideas in my head for a french nordic look and am keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect bed.

However, for now, I’ll share the room as is.

Let’s start with the bed.

guest room bed

This is one of my first furniture paint jobs!  When Mr. Q and I were first married, we got a few pieces of furniture from Mr. Q’s great uncle and this bed was one of them. The bed was painted white when I got it, but I had grandiose plans of stripping it and re-staining it.  This was 25 years ago.  Painted furniture was not in vogue at that time.  I sent it off to a furniture stripper who ‘dipped’ the furniture.  Honestly, the exact details of how that was done are a little fuzzy now.  But, once the bed was stripped, it turned out that this piece of furniture was always intended to be painted, not stained.  How did we know that?  Because the ‘carved’ wreath and details at the top of the headboard are not wood.  They are a plaster of sorts that is glued in place.  In addition, the bed (and its matching dresser) is made with several different types of wood.  The woods didn’t have to match, because they were going to be painted.  Who knew?  So after all of that stripping, I just turned around and re-painted the bed white.  It stayed white for many years, but eventually I painted it black.  There is a gorgeous curved foot board that goes with the bed, but I’m not currently using it.  I will likely touch this bed up with chalk paint, reunite the headboard and foot board and sell it once I find a replacement.

Have I mentioned before that I kind of have a thing for vintage linens?  I just love the weight of the linens that were used ‘back in the day.’  Plus the hand stitched details that went into them are just precious.

guest room vintage pillowcase

I loved the little touches of black on these.  Aren’t they fantastic?

I put together the suitcase nightstand quite a few years ago as well.

guest room nightstand

I have a pair, you’ll see the second one in a minute.  I’m not sure if I was ahead of my time or what, but neither of these tables sold at my Carriage House sale when I first did them.  So I kept them.  They have been in my living room, and now they are in my guest room.

I like to encourage my guests to relax with this chair.

guest room chair

And it seems to be a running theme in my house, but this is also a piece that went in the Carriage House sale first, and when it didn’t sell, I kept it.

guest room chair and table

I’m keeping one big thing from you in this post.  Just to the right beyond the frame of this photo is my dollhouse.  Once of these days I will share it with you.  You’ll just have to stay tuned.

guest room clock

But meanwhile, I hope my guests feel welcome!  I’m sure we are going to have a great visit.


9 thoughts on “welcome guests.

  1. Well I have a feeling we won’t hear much from you for 1 1/2 weeks. It’s like a summer hiatus from my favourite decorating shows. But I am inspired to paint the guest room furniture. Enjoy family and scrap booking .


    1. Not to worry, I’ve been banking up some posts to share with you guys while I am busy with my house guests. It will be mostly smaller projects, but I hope you enjoy them just the same. Stay tuned!


  2. Good for you Linda, there is nothing like a sister, if you are fortunate enough to have one!! Relax and enjoy your time with her and your niece…


  3. Have a great time with your sister. I don’t know where she lives, but mine is 800 miles away, so I feel your pain. The room is wonderful and of course, the alarm clock is my favorite!


    1. She is in New Jersey … so, hmmm, about 1,200 miles. Yep, too far. We still manage to get together two or three times a year, which is great. But it would be better if she lived nearby.


  4. I think this room looks great right now! Not a room I would think is in need of a makeover. I love the headboard.


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