laundry today or naked tomorrow.

My sister was off work last week, so on Friday she swung by my office, picked me up and we went to a few garage sales that were nearby on my lunch break.  We only had time to stop at about 5 sales and I didn’t find much, but my sister got a great deal on a leaf blower just in time for fall.

One thing I saw and debated buying was a vintage wooden ironing board.  I didn’t grab it because at $35 I thought it was a bit overpriced.  Plus I already had two of them in my carriage house.  However, it did inspire me to dig one of those out and turn it into a sign for today’s quandie quickie Wednesday post.

I used this ‘designer wall lettering’ to make my sign.  I can’t remember exactly where I found this, either Hobby Lobby or Joann Etc.

It couldn’t have been easier or quicker.  Simply remove the protective sheet, place the wording on your surface, rub with a plastic thingie (sort of like a credit card, it came in the package), and peel off the backing.

My only complaint about this product is how shiny the letters are.  The label says “appears hand painted”, but unless you are using some super glossy paint, I beg to differ.  They definitely look more like stickers than like hand painted lettering.

Next time I will opt for stenciling with actual paint.

Nonetheless, the ironing board laundry sign is pretty darn adorable.

I wish I had one of those gorgeous laundry rooms that other bloggers seem to have, with things like subway tile and vintage containers for the soap.

Oh, who am I kidding, even just having walls would be an upgrade.  My laundry facilities are in my cellar-like basement complete with cinder block walls, lots of spiders and perpetual dampness, so I had to stage these photos in the photo cottage.

But hey, I’m not complaining.  I’m lucky to have the photo cottage even if I have a less than stellar laundry room.

But if you happen to have a fabulous laundry room, or even just one with real walls, this fab vintage ironing board sign is available for local sale.  I’m planing to bring it down to Reclaiming Beautiful in Stillwater tonight so you can look for it there starting tomorrow. However, if you are local and want to call dibs on it for your laundry room, check out my ‘available for local sale’ page for more details and send me an email asap.






23 thoughts on “laundry today or naked tomorrow.

  1. Oops you reminded me I need to get that load of whites out of the dryer! I do love that ironing board sign and will look for wooden ones at sales! Mostly I see rusty metal ones… not so pretty.


  2. Cute stuff. I like the ironing board idea. I don’t have a fancy laundry room either. It’s a shared space with our furnace, hot water heater, etc. I did finally, after about 25 years, paint the concrete wall, put up some shelving and add a craft/project table and some pegboard. Not fancy, but a little more tolerable as long as you pretend that big metal box that’s the furnace isn’t there. lol


  3. Well my dear,at least you have basement to do your laundry in. I live in a condominium and my laundry room is behind double closet looking doors and inside is a stacked washer and dryer and hot water tank. Mind you I have a shelf to put the soap on and my ironing board and ladder rest beside the washer and dryer. Actually come to think of it , it is kind of neat. Have a good day, love to Mom. Betty from Ontario, Canada


  4. I like them way better then the IOD ones, they seems to have an edge though clear shows in the light and definitely looks fake and non hand painted, this at least looks crisp.. very cute!


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