union jack with a side of mustard.

I feel like mustard is one of those things where you either love it or you hate it.  It’s true of the condiment and the color.

Personally I love all kinds of mustard; honey, dijon, yellow, brown.  Mmmmm, just thinking about mustard is making me kind of hungry.

I also love Fusion’s Mustard paint.  I fully admit that I probably wouldn’t have chosen this color initially, but Fusion sent me a free sample of it last year and I used it on a toolbox and fell in love.

Recently nnK returned a typing table to me that she purchased at one of my sales and no longer needed.  The top was a bit worn, so I decided to give it a fresh new look.

I was planning to give it a little more personality with a union jack on the top in shades of grey, like the end tables I painted last year.  But then Monique from Reclaiming Beautiful saw it and suggested I consider using Mustard as one of the colors.  I took her advice and thus gave it a lot more personality.  I’m calling it ‘union jack with a side of mustard’.

This color combo gives the table more of a modern twist, or maybe I’m sensing a bit of a mid-century vibe.  What do you think?

This table itself is really rather challenging to photograph.  From straight on you just see the metal base and the 1/2″ sides of the top.  I tried a bunch of different angles when I was getting the ‘before’ shots and they were all pretty awful.  So I really wasn’t sure how I was going to stage the piece and get good photos.  I also debated, do I stage it as a desk, or should I stage it as a side table?  How about staging it as a bar cart?  Or maybe as a nightstand?  All were possibilities.

But then I remembered the September issue of Conde Nast Traveler that nnK had left on my deck the other day.  Just look at all of that mustard!

I had to use that.  Then I added a vintage camera to play off the ‘travel’ theme of the magazine plus the union jack.  Finally I threw in a golden toned wooden piano stool that plays well next to the mustard.

It was still a bit tricky to get a good angle on the table, but I had fun trying.

This piece really wouldn’t function terribly well as a desk, except possibly for a child.  It is the ergonomically correct height for a typewriter which is a bit lower than typical desk height.  However, it would be perfect for all of those other uses I mentioned; beside the sofa, beside the bed, as a bar cart or for that matter as a TV stand.  There is a lever you move to lower and thus activate the wheels.  Or it can be perfectly stationary with the wheels raised slightly.

By the way, did you notice that it’s only Tuesday and I’ve got a blog post?  I was so productive this past weekend that I have a back log of stuff to post about.  So I’ll be posting every day this week, hope you enjoy!

In the meantime, this union jack table with a side of mustard is for sale.  Be sure to check my ‘available for local sale’ page for more details if interested.




16 thoughts on “union jack with a side of mustard.

  1. You confused me, I had to stop and think, is it Wednesday already? But a delightful confusion. I love the color mustard, I think it’s a great neutral. The table is a work of art, I can only imagine that you must like math to get all the measurements and angles done correctly. I’m excited about 5 straight days of quandied projects, bring em.


    1. When I did my first several union jack projects I was very careful about measuring and they took forever to complete. Now I just wing it. I measure for the white horizontal and vertical lines to make sure they are centered and the same size, but once I have those in place I just eyeball the diagonal lines. Then I use different widths of yellow frog tape and follow those white lines for the inner mustard lines. Hard to describe, but easy to do 😉


    1. I think they have a bit of a retro vibe. These colors really wouldn’t work that well in my house, but I still love them. That’s the beauty of painting things to sell. I can have fun with colors even if they wouldn’t work in my own home.


  2. I love those colors! Thanks for the explanation on the taping! I have tried a Union Jack many years ago…I got so frustrated I almost exploded! When I saw your first one I was very impressed! Still am! Great job!
    Smiles, alice


  3. Big no huge fan of the union jack and I of course love the colors. Very clever post title! I actually have used these colors together in my studio.


      1. Well I meant it to read I am a HUGE fan of union jacks.
        Like I am a big fan no make that I am a huge fan oops sorry. Love it and the colors.


  4. I love it! And I’m kicking myself for having such self-control that I passed on another typewriter table for sale last night on an online auction. I did a coffee table before in Union Jack dark grey and red- challenging but fun! I love your creativity-thank you for sharing.


  5. I like mustard, in little doses. Only certain kinds of mustard. This is a fantastic color. The table is a hit with me. Darling.


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