the possibilities of paint.

First things first, the four lucky winners of my wax giveaway have all been contacted and have gotten back to me.  Ruth, Julie, Katie & Cynthia, your waxes will be on their way soon (I have multiple readers with those names, so if you didn’t get an email I’m so sorry but you are not one who won).

Now for a quick garage sale find makeover!


I don’t know what these oval lidded tins were originally intended for, I just know that I like them.  I like that they have handles, and usually I like their original vintage finish. However, when I came across this one at a garage sale I almost passed it by because I really didn’t like the needlepoint look, or the colors.


But then I thought, hey, I can fix that with some paint.  So I brought it home.

I pulled it out the other day when I wasn’t feeling so well because it seemed like a simple project I could whip up even though I didn’t have any energy.  I washed it up and gave it two quick coats of Fusion paint in Little Piggy.

I feel a little bit like I am rationing the remains of my Little Piggy paint.  When Fusion came out with their Tones for Tots line of colors, they sent me a jar of Little Piggy.  Looking at it in the jar, I was not impressed.  My immediate thought was ‘flesh tone, hmmmm’.  Then I saw a dresser that Mary from Orphans with Makeup painted and I realized I had sold it short.  It was gorgeous.  Since then I’ve used it on a dresser, a vanity, and a small chair.  The one jar covered all of those pieces plus there is just a small amount left.  I had plenty for this project, and maybe, just maybe, I can eek out one more small project down the road.

Once the paint was dry I used Fusion’s transfer gel to transfer a French graphic to the edge of the top and around the side.  (If you would like detailed instructions on how to use transfer gel you can download my hatbox instructions here:  making a faux hatbox with transfer gel.)


Once that was done, I sanded the edges a little to give it a more distressed look.

Now it fits right in with the other two handled tins that I own.



And they are all right at home in my pantry.


So the next time you are at the thrift store or a garage sale and you see an item that has good bones, but isn’t quite the right color, don’t forget about the possibilities of paint.

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19 thoughts on “the possibilities of paint.

  1. What???????? Someone is impersonating me to win valuable prizes? Meanwhile I’m impersonating a super model to win Bruno Mars’ heart? The world has gone crazy. Now, more importantly, I love, adore and lust for this new project. Just Gorgeous with a capital “G”. Other than that, all is well.


    1. I think I have several people impersonating you, or maybe you are impersonating them! Either way, I knew you would see ‘your name’ and get all excited. I hope it wasn’t too much of a let down 😉


      1. I used part of a brand new supply of indignation which I now have to put away for later use. I hope there’s enough left for the next outrage!


  2. It turned out awesome. Now it fits in with your others. I love that dogwood tin! The dogwood was a favorite of my parents. When I see it it reminds me of them. My mom had a set of dogwood dishes that I now have.


  3. Love, Love, Love it. I too love the metal boxes with handles and I love the idea of giving them a little vintage charm when they need some TLC and this French transfer is to die for. Thanks!


  4. I am not positive – but i think they were sewing boxes originally – at least thetis what my grandmother used hers for! Brought back memories….


    1. I was thinking they would be perfect for sewing supplies, but I wonder if something else originally came in them and then they were re-purposed to hold sewing stuff. Or did our grandmothers buy them empty specifically for that purpose?


  5. These tins are so cute AND usable for storage. I have an old tin I keep my loose buttons in. It’s not very attractive…strictly utilitarian. Time to spiff (yes, I said “spiff”) it up!


  6. just too cute! I love these tins. I had the same idea sewing tins. I actually have a sewing tin that I still use to this day. She sits in my laundry room full of thread, needles and a pincushion. She is not however so charming as your incarnation.


    1. Well pull out some Fusion paint and doctor it up Victoria! I bet you could find some adorable sewing themed graphics to add like this one, or this one. Oh, this one would be adorable too. Just don’t forget to print a mirror image if you are going to use transfer gel to apply them. You’ve got me thinking I should make up some sewing tins for my next occasional sale!


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