it’s all in the details.

 A while back my friend Jodie gave me this wooden spool.


She thought it might be something I could use in photo shoots.

But after seeing this page in A Touch of Farmhouse Charm, a new book by Liz Fourez …


I decided to doctor it up a bit and add a few fun details.  Liz made spools from dowel rods and wood discs and used a rubber stamp to dress them up.  I borrowed her ideas but gave them my own spin.

First I wound some blue and white twine around my spool.


And then I added a few Tim Holtz rub-on’s to the top.



And I think Jodie was right, this will be fun to use as a prop in future photos.


There were quite a few projects in Liz’s book that I want to try, it really is jam packed with great ideas.

By the way, that is the stack of books that I got for both my birthday and Christmas.  Lots of great eye candy.  I’m still working my way through the pile, but maybe I share some book reviews down the road, what do you think?  Do you see any books you’d like to know more about?

15 thoughts on “it’s all in the details.

    1. Good choice! Have you ever seen one of Nina Hartmann’s books? They are gorgeous. I think I’ll put together a post reviewing the three books of hers that I own. Thanks for that idea Linda!


  1. Love your spool Quandie. I also loved that book. Got it at the library and returned it with sadness last week. Had so many good projects for all budgets and skill sets. Also loved the Beekman book. Looking forward to your book reviews. Can you tell I’m a reader?


    1. I’m impressed that you still use the library Sheri. In fact, I never really even thought about the idea that the library would have such a new book already. Maybe I need to take time to check out my local library!


      1. Here’s a tip you can request new books from your library. Like when Patina Style came out by the Brooke Gianetti. I requested it when she announced the book. Likewise when Joanna Gaines came out with their Magnolia book both times I got to peruse these volumes first. Helps me decide if I want to add a book to my library.
        I love Nina Hartman’s books I will have to check the Vintage a divine mess.
        Love the spool.


  2. Your spool is so cute. You are so creative. Yes, I would love to hear some reviews on books. I hesitate to buy these types of books online bc I never know if it’s worth it and I never make to an actual book store. So, yes, give us your opinions. I have checked out books at our local library from time to time.


  3. I’d like to borrow the Beekman boys’ book when you’re done (or any of them)! I just got Holly Becker’s “Decorate with Flowers”. Such eye candy! We can trade 😉


  4. Love your spool update, I have bought lots of old thread spools at estate sales and have them all piled in an old enamel measuring cup. I would love book reviews, I tend to buy mine at Goodwill and they can be outdated! The one that appealed to me most is the Vintage a divine mess – kind of describes my decorating style…


  5. I love the idea of book reviews. I just took “French Accents” out of the library to try before I buy, and it’s one I’d like, so it’s been added to my wish list. There’s nothing worse than waiting for an Amazon delivery, and then being disappointed. We trust your judgment LOL Have a great weekend, Cynthia


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