pink is the new neutral.

Have you heard?  Pink is the new neutral.

pink is the new neutral

I’ll be honest, I had not heard this.  But when my friend Meggan was over last week, she mentioned that she’d read it somewhere.  So later that evening I did some googling.  Sure enough, I found lots of articles about the subject including {this one} from houzz and {this one} from Apartment Therapy.

Well, you all saw how much I loved the new pink from Fusion, Little Piggy, and this is a pink that I can easily see being used as a neutral.  It’s a very subtle blush pink.  After painting a small chair in it, I knew I had to go bigger.  I decided it would be perfect on this dresser that Mr. Q brought home from the thrift store for me.

pink before

This dresser was just kind of ugly.  I’m not sure, but I think that is a cut-out section of floral wallpaper that is stuck to the middle of that one drawer.  A few passes with some coarse grit sandpaper took care of that.

Next came a couple of coats of Little Piggy.

pale pink 1

I wasn’t entirely happy with any of the photos I took in the photo cottage, so I pulled the dresser outside and tried again.

little piggy dresser 3

pink dresser 2

The knobs that came with the dresser seemed just a little too small, so I replaced them with some pretty faux mercury glass knobs that I had on hand.

pink dresser close up

Still not super excited about the photos of the dresser.  None of them do justice to the color, but the peonies look great.

pink peonies with book

The dresser really is very sweet, and I got such a great deal on it that I am passing the savings on to whomever purchases it.  If interested in more details, check out my ‘available for local sale tab’!


19 thoughts on “pink is the new neutral.

  1. When I saw the dresser in its ‘before’ photo, I thought, “Holy bleep! That’s one ugly piece of furniture!” Thank heavens you’ve rescued it! Personally, I’ve always loved very pale pink. In fact, one of my favorite people on the planet chose a wedding gown of the palest shade of pink, and I loved it! Also, I painted the kitchen of my first house in a pale pink to go with the ancient red and white tile floor. Since the white tiles had aged to a dark ivory color, matching the ‘white’ just played up the dinginess. The pink was subtle, but cheery. I’d say the same about this dresser!


  2. I look so forward to your posts. I so enjoy these transformations. The dresser is so pretty. I like pink but not all shades of pink and this one is so subtle, it’s beautiful. A pink wedding dress sounds beautiful too. My daughter was maid of honor in her best friends wedding and the brides dress was silver. I’m not talking disco ball flashy silver but that silver patina you get from a beautiful antique tea set. It was stunning.


  3. I’m glad you found these articles, I’ve seen those too, but I still can’t find the one that said “pink is the new gray”! Oh well! I think this before and after is one of your more dramatic. Having only seen the “after” prior to this, I was surprised how ugly that dresser was, only to be so adorable now! It is a really great color, very sophisticated for something in that hue. It’s amazing what paint and hardware can do!


  4. Wow, that is one dresser! And to think someone actually purchased it once upon a time. I can hear Henny Youngman quipping “Please, take this dresser.” The pink is a sweet improvement and it will look perfect in someone’s home. I did read the Apartment Therapy article about pink being the new color and I must say, there could be worse (mauve and green, anyone remember?). I do like the traditional and enduring pink of ballet slippers, one which can be tamed or enhanced with just the right shade of gray or navy. So in the end, this must tell us that the appeal of color overrides design negatives when we are attracted to a piece of furniture. And this color appeals!


    1. I just love getting your comments Kim. They are always so well crafted. And I love the idea of pairing this pink with navy. That would be a gorgeous combo.


  5. Hey Quandie, I have a quick question – when you have to fill in cracks or anything and then you paint – what type of filler do you use? I have a table to do that has some cracks and I’m wondering what to use! Love your styling for your painted pieces, too, by the way!


    1. I use Elmer’s Carpenter’s wood filler. I have some in mahogany that I use on darker wood pieces, and some in natural that I use on lighter pieces.


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