this little piggy went to market.

Last week I shared the Little Speckled Frog dresser, as well as the new line of nursery colors from Fusion.  I mentioned that they sent me a few jars of different colors to play around with.  One of the colors they sent is called Little Piggy.

little piggy paint

Now don’t tell them I said this, but I have to admit that when I first saw this color I thought “hmmm … maybe this one isn’t really for me.”  But then another one of Fusion’s bloggers, Mary from Orphans with Makeup posted an absolutely gorgeous dresser painted in this color and I realized that I had it all wrong.  She had way more vision than I.  She could see that it was going to be the most lovely pale champagne pink, and she was right.

Once I’d seen the color actually on something, I knew I had to crack open that jar of paint and try it out myself.

I pulled out this little child sized chair that I purchased at the Linden Hills garage sales …

little piggy before

and I painted it up with two coats of Little Piggy.

little piggy 2

To add a little pop of interest to the chair, I stenciled the seat with my french ‘sweet dreams’ stencil.

little piggy seat

Isn’t this the most lovely subtle pink?  It’s not over-the-top bubblegum pink, or sickly sweet cotton candy pink, it’s a sophisticated pink.

little piggy 3

I staged it at the bend in my staircase.  I get the most gorgeous light in that spot towards evening and I wanted to capture that.

little piggy 4

And the chair fit perfectly into that corner.

It’s probably not the safest spot for little ones to sit and sip their pretend tea while reading fairy tales from Shakespeare, but it sure looks pretty for pictures.

little piggy tea cup

Since I don’t have any little ones to place in precarious positions, this little piggy chair is going to market.  I’m taking this and a few other pieces to Reclaiming Beautiful tonight.

What do you think of this lovely pale pink?

20 thoughts on “this little piggy went to market.

  1. This one of those colors that looks like it might have been more vibrant but age has mellowed it. So pretty and yep the stencil is the perfect addition. You really created a moment there in that light. It’s almost like a painting. Sweet!


    1. Thanks Victoria! I get that light for only a short period of time on sunny days, the sun has to be at just the right angle to hit that window. And it’s always so pretty when it happens.


  2. Wow, I am amazed at how much you have gotten done this past week! The dresser, the step stool and the beautiful pink chair. And blogged alot and worked full time. Amazeballs. The projects are all great – and you made me want to steal your stool idea that you stole. So it’s a great circle of stealing. Thanks for the inspiration and I love that shade of pink.


    1. Well, as much as I would like to be amazing, the truth is that I am off work at the day job this week. I took the week off to get a few things done. I still have a dining table with 8 chairs and two more dressers to finish this week. Phew!


  3. Love it! I will be checking to see if I can get some from my fusion supplier! Finally a sweet pink!


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