all out girly.

I was planning to wait until tomorrow to post this one, but an expected turn of events has my mom coming to town, and then she, my sister, and I will hop in the car and drive to South Dakota for the weekend.  I’ve been told I have to show up at my sister’s place at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning.  Gack!  We’ll be on the road for about 4 hours and quite honestly to a city girl like me it feels like we are out in the middle of nowhere on that drive.  Farm fields as far as the eye can see.  Spotty cell service at best.  So I decided to share this one today instead!

This sweet little vanity was part of a bedroom set that I picked up a while back.

pink vanity before

I thought it had some great potential, but it badly needed an update.

Since a dressing table is definitely a feminine piece of furniture, I decided to go all out girly on this one and paint it pink.  So I pulled out Fusion’s Little Piggy.  In case you are keeping track, so far I have painted a small chair, a dresser and now this vanity and bench all from the one 16.9 oz jar of paint and I still have a little bit left.

pink vanity angle

The Little Piggy is a classy pink, not an obnoxious bubble gum pink.  I popped out some details by highlighting them with Fusion’s Limestone.  I also added a stencil to the front in Limestone as well.  This was the first time I stenciled using Fusion paint and it worked out quite well.  I just made sure that my stencil brush was ‘dry’ by blotting it on a paper towel after dipping it in the paint.


I swapped out the knobs that came with the vanity because they were just sort of blah.  These cream colored knobs from Hobby Lobby work much better with my color scheme.

pink vanity close up

I recovered the bench in some fabric from a beautiful bark cloth curtain panel that I purchased at a garage sale earlier this summer.

pink vanity and bench

I dug out one of my hatboxes for staging …

hat box

Wouldn’t this piece be perfect in a young girl’s room?  Or maybe an older girl’s room too!

pink vanity

If you have the perfect spot for this sweet vanity, be sure to check out my ‘available for local sale’ tab to find out if it’s still available.

Due to my unexpected weekend in South Dakota, I’m not at all sure if I’ll find stuff to post about next week but hopefully I can come up with something.  I hope you’ll stay tuned!

22 thoughts on “all out girly.

  1. Adorable! Beautiful color and the shape of the vanity is so sweet. Great job updating this piece into a very special treasure. The barkcloth seat is perfect. Oh and I forgot to comment on the chairs yesterday – I have also been buying odd chairs here and there and the last 3 I bought are crusty, I am hoping to do something fun with them. Have a great weekend with mom and sis!


  2. This is just sweet – I had to check out your “Available for sale” category for the size. It appeared it might be child sized in the photos. A quick peek there gave me the needed info. I have to commend you for how you have organized the blog. But back to today’s post. I am very fond of barkcloth and this piece is so lovely . Your kinda running a mini mercantile here aren’t you? Wearing all the hats of a sole proprietor: buyer, merchandiser and sales. Not to mention rejuvenator (albeit with a posse) you do the lion’s share of the reinvention. I bet you had that paint color on hand and with your antennae up as you scour the garage sales came across this fabric and knew it was perfect for the bench. You rock!


    1. I purchased the bark cloth simply because the faded floral colors were so lovely. I hadn’t really thought about what I would use it on, but when the dressing table came my way I knew it would be perfect for that bench and paired with the Little Piggy paint color. I love vintage bark cloth and usually it’s priced a little bit high in this area, but this particular piece was a bargain at $3!


  3. Wow, a visit from Mom!!! Sounds like a Mom and Sister trip is the perfect thing to blog about 😉 Have a great trip! I’m pretty sure my boys wouldn’t go for this in their rooms, but I love it.


  4. Love this…perfect color. This one won’t last long in the “for sale” section! Also good job on the fabric…they look great together. Have fun counting haybales. After counting the rectangle ones, it’s always exciting (lol…yes, sarcasm) to start seeing the giant round ones…..


  5. Totally cute! I would love this set! Just bought some Fusion paint. I haven’t tried it yet. I plan on getting the pink paint if Iike Fusion paint.


  6. Hi there – I . think Mom and I would be very pleased with this – not too chippy. I love the colour and the bench is very pretty. Have a wonderful time with your dear Mom and your sister
    Love from Betty in Ontario,Canada.


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