white is the new orange.

Forget about ‘orange is the new black’, this year white is the new orange.  Well, I suppose it’s been coming for a while, not just this year.  But these days it’s all about the white pumpkin.  Or perhaps the heirloom pumpkin in shades of grey or blue.

I hesitated about jumping on the pumpkin bandwagon this month, but then I saw this paper mache pumpkin at Target in the $1 aisle (although technically I think it cost $3).


It made me think of my painted hatboxes, so I decided to try the same technique on it.

I first painted the pumpkin with two coats of Fusion paint in one of their new colors, Raw Silk.  Then I used Fusion’s transfer gel and added a Paris Opera graphic.


You can see that I didn’t get a perfect transfer of my graphic, but I’m OK with that.  It just makes it look a little tattered which is a good thing in my book.  I finished my pumpkin off with a little raffia tied around the stem.

It’s a not-so-traditional fall decoration that is perfect for me.

For now I’ve added it to my doll bed centerpiece along with a ‘hello fall’ banner and my whisk brooms in cages.


It adds just the right seasonal touch to my dining room table.

9 thoughts on “white is the new orange.

  1. Good morning – does your mind never stop saying”what will I do next” what willI do next”.You are an unbelievable person and I envy you all your brilliant ideas (other than your chippiness) Now you know who this is from. I do love the pumpkin and the wee bed filled with wisk brooms. We are having a wonderful fall here in Ontario but the chill has set in =the colours are beautiful. Love from Betty.


    1. Betty you are so sweet! Thank you so much! My brain does keep saying that! Usually I have a slew of things lined up to post on the blog, but this week I’m actually running a little short. Not sure what (or if) I’ll find to post the rest of this week. I have a couple of things underway, but not sure I’ll get them done. But hopefully you’ll stay tuned anyway!


  2. What a great way to finish off the paper mache pumpkins! Your mind is always seeing how something ordinary can be transformed into something exceptional. AND usually for very little cost. Which puts you one up on Martha Stewart! Well, maybe two up since you’ve never been in jail. Lol


  3. I like your non-traditional holiday ideas! In fact, the whisk brooms sort of resemble birds when they are in those cages!


    1. {Here} it is on pinterest. If that link doesn’t work, go into pinterest and search ‘french opera graphic’ and it should come up in the mix. It’s already a reverse image perfect for using with transfer gel.


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